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  1. Bob says

    Thanks so much for your course it was excellent. I passed the ACLS exam without problem. The course is definitely tailored to the busy healthcare provider . Every aspect was succinct , direct and easily understood I felt very well prepared and confident before testing. I will most certainly take your course again in 2 years for recertification.

  2. Jason L says

    Fantastic course. I highly recommend to prepare for ACLS certification. Plenty of great practice tests and scenarios.

  3. Lynn block says

    Jeff was very helpful and called me one evening to help me get access onto the website when I had problems. thankyou! The practice questions were helpful and will get anybody ready for the test !

  4. Judith Palmer says

    I want to thank you for this program! I procrastinated and had only 3 days to study. I used your program and passed with flying colors. I especially like the EKG strips to identify. I like how, when answered incorrectly, the reason why my choice is incorrect is displayed. That helped me be able to identify my different heart blocks. I also really liked the mega code videos that show a situation and ask what should be done. After a 3-5 seconds, the answer is displayed. I know if my answer was right or wrong and then another scenario is displayed. It was so nice to contact a real person who fixed my login problem. I highly recommend this program to anyone who needs to take ACLS & BLS.

  5. Mark says

    Excellent review Jeff. I have been taking ACLS since 1983 and twice the Instructor course. This was the easiest and b est review I have done, passed with 100% on the test. God bless you all.


  6. Astrid Kandela says

    Hi Jeff thank you for creating this site. It is one of the most useful resources of review. I have yet to cover a lot more of what you have to actually say excellent but so far it has helped to eliminate the apprehension that goes with both theory to get through the exam and in an actual Cardiac arrest situation.
    Jeff is it possible to have an actual simulation site ( ACLS had it during the Covid where it monitored what we did step by step and checked the time, noted when we inserted cannula, administered drugs…..- it sort of brought you into an actual scene – Do you remember this ? I mean did you get what I am asking for?)
    I know it involves a lot of tecnical input but it is a big help. I was enrolled for the ACLS exam Jan 2020 and was allowed 2years free access where I wish I had made the most of it as they do not have it anymore..

  7. Cynthia Curtis says


    • ACLS says

      I would recommend using the interactive course guide to systematically cover all of the training content. Here’s the link to the interactive course guide. You can also get a contact hours of continuing education by completing course guide, and then the survey and post test at the end.

      Kind regards,

  8. Alice Heller says

    Hi Jeffory,
    Took my ACLS recert. today and received 100% on my written test. Felt very comfortable after reviewing your course many times.
    Thank you so much. Will be back in 2 years.
    Alice Heller

  9. Mark Williams says

    Jeff. You have developed an awesome review course for ACLS. I recertfified with a100% on the test. Blessings to you and family. Mark Williams, CRNA, RN, MS

  10. Emily says

    This course was extremely helpful in prepping for ACLS. I felt very prepared for my class and will do this course again when I renew.

  11. wendy karen jensen says

    I spent the last month decertifying all my Advanced Life support courses. Having the added support and systemized training on this website has been very beneficial! It helped to solidify key learning concepts and clarify skills. My overall scores between PALs and ACLS was 95% I’m really impressed with the results and feel more confident in managing the complex cases we experience on a regular bases.

  12. PJ says

    Just wanted to say, what an awesome site this is. I was searching the Internet for a site that could help me prepare to take an ACLS Class. I only had a 1-1/2 weeks to prepare and take a class. And it’s been 20 plus years since I last took ACLS. Your site was perfect. I especially like how you have embedded videos that show a monitor with a rhythm going across the screen. It helped get my mind set to see an actual cardiac monitor, and be prepared to say the steps I would take based on rhythms observed. I also liked how you presented “Mega Codes” in a format that lets me experience different rhythms in the same scenario. It helped me solidify many concepts of a code, and gave me confidence that in an actual code, I would remember what to do.
    Thanks for creating this site. And yes I did pass my ACLS Class!! Big Kudo’s To You!!

  13. Karen says

    I’ve been taking ACLS classes every two years since 1993. Fortunately, I work in obstetrics and have not had to use my ACLS training in a code situation. This course is the best review course I have ever taken. I felt well prepared for my ACLS renewal this year.

  14. Khang says

    I’m ACLS and PALS certified on the same day. I used the resources for a few days and I feel extremely confident in Megacode scenarios. Furthermore, I used the EKG practice tests for my Cards exam and without a doubt, it’s one of the most useful resources I’ve used. I hope that the site will add more clinical skills like EMs or Neuro or just a simulation for physical exams for different professional students

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