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  1. Jeffrey Howard says

    Thank you so much for the awesome content provided on this site. Wish I had seen it sooner!!! It was my second try on the PALS test and I have to say that I only missed one question. I will be back for other content and will recommend in the future.

  2. Cherry Adriano says

    My first time doing PALs next week. I have been using this site for ACLS for years and have really enjoyed it. Wish the PALs has the same format like the ACLS (videos, discussion of algorithms). Just this time I don’t feel as confident as after taking the ACLS course (but it could be because I have never taken PALs before). But we will see how my course goes next week. Either way, this site has been really helpful. Thank you!

    • ACLS says

      Hi Cherry,

      Thanks so much for the feedback and encouraging words.

      I do have intentions on making updates in the PALS area and would eventually like to have some videos available.

      Some of the technical details of pediatric advanced life support make easy to follow videos more difficult to develop.

      I will continue to try to make the site an enjoyable, easy, and fun learning experience as possible.
      Kind regards, Jeff

  3. Cornelius Johann Niemand says

    I just want to say.

    This is by far the best PALS prep site i have come across.
    I have looked and used many and this one is ahead by leaps and bounds.

    GREAT JOB and thank you so much

  4. Stephanie Hardesty says

    Are there no video scenios with PALS ? I have taken ACLS with this website and it had very helpful video scenios with it. I don’t see any videos with the PALS

  5. Robert Chadwick says

    Your questions regarding the H and T were really thought provoking. In all the yrs of ACLS classes, and mostPALS classes we memorized the H and T but no questions to actually figure hte possibilities.
    I do have a question on the child with pre existing Heart Disease. If she had prior Kawasaki disease and cornary anerysms, could then would Thrombosis also be a possibility?

    • Jeff with admin. says

      According to the textbook of pediatric medicine pg. 1057.
      “Myocardial infarction caused by thrombotic occlusion of an aneurysmal and/or stenotic coronary artery is the principal cause of death in Kawasaki disease. Mortality do to Kawasaki disease has decreased from almost 2% to less than 0.1% as a result of improved treatment. Nonetheless, most deaths continue to occur during the first six months after disease onset, when myocardial and coronary artery inflammation or greatest.”

      This appears to be speaking of an ongoing Kawasaki disease so I am not sure if it applies to someone who has had the disease and no longer does.

      Seems like it could be a definite consideration.

      Kind regards,

    • Travis Ashburn says

      I did not grasp that they were respectfully talking about algorithm side . Thought they were asking side. Of heart .

    • Jeff with admin. says

      There are around 500 questions and answers that cover every aspect of PALS. There are also PALS megacode scenarios covering all major PALS scenarios you will encounter. Kind regards, Jeff

  6. Debbe says

    So glad you are doing this! You do a great a job. I look forward to the PALS review. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  7. Melanie Wright says

    Thank you! This is by far the best site available to prepare for PALS and ACLS. Very well structured and user friendly. Well done!!

  8. Judi says

    I have never taken PALS before. I found you site extremely helpful. My class is tomorrow and my written and mega code is on Tuesday. Will let you know how it all turns out.

  9. Bennetta says

    Okay so this is my first time taking PALS, and I’m using this site to study. So far I must admit this is really helping me and I will also use the web site that you recommended to Joey. I take a 2 part test on Feb 7th and 8th of this yr 2017 one part is a written test and one part just on Mega-Codes. I’m so nervous because I never really work with children. I cant thank you enough, I will let you know how I did on the test!!!!! In the meantime I will study and take your test until the night before. Bennetta

    • Jeff with admin. says

      Thanks for the comment. I am so glad that you have found the site helpful. You will do great in the PALS provider course. Please let me know how things go after you finish and get your card.

      Kind regards,

  10. Keith Sims, RN says

    When I have do my ACLS renewals in 2017 and my PALS in 2018, I will definitely bite the bullet and take you up on your very reasonable offer. Thanks for providing such a great product for such a reasonable price.

  11. Denise D Glass says

    I have used this site multiple times & it is better than any review course I have taken. I appreciate the ability to retake the quizzes if an answer is wrong & the ability to refer back to the didactic for full answer explanations. In my downtime I often use it for practice to stay fresh on my skills especially with rhythm identification & emergency drugs. I have now used the site for BLS, ACLS & PALS.

    • Jeff with admin. says

      Welcome back. Just wanted to let you know that the PALS portion of the website is not complete and is open to the public. The estimated time of completion will be by the end October 2017.

      At this time the systematic approach algorithm and respiratory distress sections are complete. The knowledge base on all forms of shock should be up within the next week.

      Kind regards,

  12. Joey says

    I realy appreciate these quizes I am doing PALS next week and now I know what to expect but I can not access the cardiac rhythm sections What am I doing wrong?

    • Jeff with admin. says

      The PALS portion of the website is under development and will not be fully complete until around October 2017. The only content available at this time is information regarding the systematic approach algorithm and respiratory distress.

      The ACLS portion of the website does thoroughly cover cardiac rhythms and you can review that here:

      Kind regards,

  13. Diane Arpac says

    Hi Jeff, I used your site for my ACLS and now used it again for PALS even though the PALS is not finished yet. I just got 100 on the test and owe it to you. I did your practice test last night and it really helped me to review what I was weak on. Thank you very much Jeff, I love this site and recommend it to all my colleagues!

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