PALS Cardiac Arrest Algorithm Quiz 1 - Learn & Master ACLS/PALS


  1. Joanne Roberts says

    I struggle to learn this material even though I have been through numerous paediatric codes. In real situations it almost seems like second nature for correct response yet test anxiety always takes over.

    • ACLS says

      The best way to overcome this is to continue to give you plenty of practice and thought to it. What truly matters is that you can perform appropriately in real pediatric codes.

      Testing and classroom setting can be very stressful and create anxiety. I hope that the website will help alleviate some of this for you.

      Kind regards,

  2. Marie says

    the one year old with a pulse of 55 meets criteria for initiating CPR. The answer doesn’t reflect that.

  3. Austin Dean says

    …..awesome i got an 80 and im 13. I wanna be a cardiothoracic surgeon when i grow. gotta start somewhere

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