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  1. Tawni Maisonneuve says

    The ACLS was less intimidating with the help of these practices. Thank you for having this available

  2. Tim Jennings says

    Jeff. I’d like to take a brief moment to thank you for you course. I hadn’t needed ACLS for a number of years but with a job change came the requirement.
    I happenstance came across your site. I used only your site and didn’t use the AHA book. Other than a few cross references I went the course exam with what I had learned on your site. I did not use open book and at the end of the day passed with a 94%
    My only input would be, I would have liked to have seen the rationale after every question. Sometimes when I was first training using your resource I just got lucky on some questions getting them right but not really understanding the reasoning behind the answer. The questions that had the rationale, page references to the book and the years of relevance were very helpful.
    Otherwise, cheers and thanks. Your traing course prepared me well.

  3. mohamed abdelmoatti says

    It’s an excellent course. I benefited and learned a lot from it. IT IS Clear, easy and simple. Excellent questions and sufficient to understand the course. The megacodes are excellent and sufficient to understand

  4. Francisco Ribeiro says

    Great platform to learn and apply ACLS theory. Could be more hands on oriented, maybe with short clips with questions in between or even better some decision making on the way determining what the next short clip would be, simulating real ACLS practice. But nonetheless this is a great tool to study the algorithms and megacode scenarios. Thanks for making it.

    • Edgardo Alicea says

      Been using your website for years. Since AHA discontinued their hands on training I suggest you make one where you can get live feedback on your answers. But now matter what will continue using your reviews!!!

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