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  1. Marty Gagliardi says

    Wonderful course. I’m a retired (after 41 years) orthopaedic trauma surgeon with very little clinical experience regarding emergency cardiac issues. Your entire teaching method of clinical, practical, didactic and interactive instruction presented in this course is fantastic. I learned a great deal as I’ve now begun teaching a variety CPR and related classes and the added knowledge enhances my role as a clinical instructor. Having “MD” after my name does not imply anything as adult learners do not automatically grant credibility to individuals simply because they are in positions of authority or responsibility. EMT’s, Paramedics, Nurse Practitioners, and others in the Pre-Hospital clinical realm, are the groups who train the rest of us! I’m now more confident in my general medical ability to complement my knowledge of orthopaedic trauma. Thank you for the exceptional learning experience.

  2. Elizabeth says

    This course is very helpful. I signed up for the 3 month time frame to have on hand for reviewing off and on just for trying to keep the info fresh. Will sign up again as I get closer to recert time. The course is easy to navigate and I like the variety of ways to review and test yourself.
    Thank you.

  3. CMR says

    Awesome content and format. I loved the Megacode Scenarios, and the feedback for the questions. The pattern of going through the ACLS segments with lots of questions was excellent. The only little criticism regards the saving of Megacode answers (they are lost from one session to next), also sometimes when re-logging in one needs to page around a bit until back where left of. In all, excellent job.

  4. Jacqueline Labott says

    I’ve been taking ACLS for many years (but don’t go to many codes) and always like to have a quick something to help me refresh. This is it! This is the perfect way to review and go into the test feeling confident.

  5. Andreas Conradi says

    I have taken this course 3 times over the last 6 years with great success.
    I am trying to reregister but the platform payment is not opening…

    Dr. Conradi

  6. Uranie Joseph says

    It was great, I just think that 19.95 for 2 weeks is little to high. 4 weeks would have been ok because the days I am working I did not access the site, and I am surviving on a limited income. Just my personal experience and that is all about my comments, otherwise the content was very appropriate.

  7. Mahmoud Ennami says

    is it possible to use the electrical defibrillator to manage traumatic cardiac arrest (due to severe internal hemorrhage) if the E.C.G monitor recorded shockable rhythm (VT/VF)?
    and thanks

    • ACLS says

      Electrical defibrillation would not be effective for the management of cardiac arrest due to trauma. In cases of trauma-related cardiac arrest, addressing the underlying cause, such as controlling bleeding and providing other necessary interventions, takes precedence over defibrillation.
      Kind regards,

  8. Akosua Aikman says

    Thank you for your comprehensive exercises. Your approach has helped me to achieve my PALS certification. Thank you again.

  9. Paul Rada, RN says

    The website was a big help! I only had access to it for a week leading up to my exam, and it was a bigger help than the textbook! I’m a clinical educator and this website is a great example of how education can be rolled out in an efficient and retainable way. I’ll be signing up for the PALS edition next and expect that it will be just as helpful! Great job!

  10. Ewain Wilson says

    This is a great resource and made all the difference to my studying for both ACLS and PALS. It helped me make sense of an overwhelming amount of information in the ACLS elearning course work. I had a problem with my log- in and Jeff got back to me in minutes. Fantastic job and thank you.

  11. Carol DElia says

    I stumbled across this course by accident. I was looking for some test questions to prepare for my ACLS test. There were some
    practice questions on this website which I decided to do. I was pleasantly surprised. I thought to myself go for it. I used the website for several days because thats all the time I had to prepare. I aced the written exam and the strip component of the test. I even recommended
    the website to my instructor. Thanks Learn and Master.

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