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  1. Elizabeth says

    Thank you Jeff! excellent website! Very easy to navigate! Today was my ACLS course at my work and I got 100% on my written test and my mega code scenario! I highly recommend your website ! I loved the audio series too. I would listen in the car on the way to work and in the afternoon on my walks. So many ways to learn on your website!!!! It was fun and easy. I feel confident!
    My sincere Thanks!!!
    Elizabeth O.

  2. Deanne Miller says

    Didn’t have time to weed thru everything on your site to use it to study. I signed up too late.
    Deanne Miller

  3. Michelle i Fomich says

    I signed up for an ACLS class last minute. This left me with VERY LITTLE time to prepare. I was having difficulty with the rhythm strips and popped online for help. That’s how I discovered this site and it was a life saver! I took the class, still feeling unprepared, but pretty much aced it! The videos & instruction were easy to follow. The way it’s setup allows you to focus on your trouble areas! Great course & worth every penny!
    Thank you so much,

  4. Lee says

    Jeff.. Thanks A Million!! Your ACLS review package and rhythm strip review was absolutely on point !! Your study guide not only made a difference in the way I studied but also in the way I finally UNDERSTOOD IT!! EVERY aspect of your course from purchase to practice was always user-friendly. Having just took my test and slayed the darn thing.. Lol I’m happy to say Jeff “I’ll be back” Thanks once again!!

  5. Jonathan Nasuti says

    Hello Jeffrey,

    Thank you for making this site available! On February 15-16, 2023, I passed my ACLS (in Switzerland) despite great stress and no experience in acute care. Although I am a young graduate nurse, thanks to your website, I had no problems with the theory. It turned out that I was even able to interpret ECG rhythms better than doctors at times.
    I can only recommend your website for those who would like to get certified or simply maintain a high level of knowledge about resuscitation.

  6. Kerri says

    ACLS was a new requirement for me and I felt a little overwhelmed until I found this course. I was able to get through all the material and practice tests/scenarios in the 2 weeks and passed my exam with a 98%. This website was so helpful in organizing what to study.

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