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  1. Joan says

    This course helped me tremendously. I passed my ACLS course with flying colors. It was the best course I have ever taken. I would highly recommend it and will use it again for future certifications.

  2. Roberta says

    This is the best ACLS course online. I recommend it to all my students prior to taking an ACLS course.

  3. Bruna Dessena says

    I discovered this gem a few years ago and ever since it is my Prep and only Prep before I go on course! It has never failed me and I feel confident do do the course, well done guys and keep up the geat work.

  4. jennifer okemow says

    Your website was a life saver! First time taking the course and it helped me soooo much! I found the textbook to be overwhelming and did not know what to study to prepare, because there was so much. But with the website’s step to step and short paragraphed explanations on what to focus on, I found it extremely helpful. I have already recommended it to a coworker and will continue to do so! Great course to have for every new nurse out there.
    Jennifer, Canada.

  5. Cheryl self says

    I am a nurse with 40 years in the field and I had been working in a less acute setting for awhile. I needed ACLS for a new job opportunity. WOW just wow. I aced the ACLS test and knew more than some who were renewing. I work now in the busiest level 1 ED in the Detroit area and was prepared. The best part about was the speed I was able to pick up on the strip recognition and algorithms. Helpful was the availability of the 3 month subscription to review what I learned. I will be coming back for PALS. Can you please do some trauma ??
    CSelf RN

  6. Elena D says

    This is my GO-TO ACLS prep!! This online course and simulation, in my opinion is better than the AHA course! I love the multiple megacodes and all the prep tests. I KNOW that without this course, I would have less confidence and probably perform with less certainty during the hands on or in a code situation. For as long as my job requires ACLS certification, I will be reviewing with this course, every time!

  7. Debbie Brancifort says

    thank you mr. jeffery for this awesome educational/support site. been using it for acls renewal. so worth the money!!. just finished my renewal on 3/25. did well on the test and as team leader during mock code. this site really prepares me in additon to reviewing the book. it stressful to be told, if you don’t pass, then can’t work although ya have bls and other floors in the hsp don’t have to have this. i work on a med/surg/obs floor. so this time it’s not mandatory anymore, but i still did it and took it just as serious. didn’t want to let my renewal go. you never go wrong just knowing this information. i highly recommend this. do you have a program like this for bls or know of any suggestions. i really appreciate you and this site.

  8. Stephen Wynne says

    I cannot recommend this program enough. This was my first time going through ACLS. The practice tests and mega codes did a fantastic job of preparing me for my test. This was worth every penny.

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