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  1. Norma B says

    Absolutely love that this science based, well organized, pertinent interactive information is available for nurses!!! Thank you so very much.

  2. Riann Cramatie says

    Excellent ACLS prep!!! This will be my go to for years to come! Thank you! I passed my recert with ease! Your site provided additional information that will also help me in bedside nursing situations!

  3. Lucas says

    New graduate nurse working in an ICU and had not ever taken ACLS before. Understandably this is something you should know like the back of your hand, and this website did an excellent job not only at preparing me for my class, but also helping cement the algorithms into my head. Would highly recommend this to everyone to use at least 2 weeks before your class so you can focus on perfecting your hands on skills and not stress so much over passing or failing. Will use again periodically to stay fresh.

  4. Dawn says

    I purchased the two week package just to be able to use the rhythm strip review and they were immensely helpful. I also greatly appreciated how easy it was to skip to the parts I did need review on. Thank you!

  5. Patricia says

    Most comprehensive study guide ever. Very organized making it easy to follow. Some of the practice questions are exactly the same as on the exam. Thank you

  6. Roberta Pufall says

    The course is great. I have been using it every time I have to renew my ACLS and l still think it’s the easiest way to know all the changes and review the topics.
    However, every time I find spelling errors…please, try to fix that!!

    • ACLS says

      Hi Robert,

      Thanks for the feedback. If you see any, please make a comment at the bottom of the page and I will definitely get it fixed.

      Kind regards,

  7. Shelly J. says

    After taking a few years off from the ICU to stay home with my baby I had lost all confidence in myself when it came time to return. THIS is what got my head back in the game! Shortly after returning, I was diagnosed with cancer and have been off 8 months with several more months to go. I will absolutely use this again when I am healthy enough to return to work again. Thank you!

  8. Holly says

    The audio quiz portion was so helpful to review things while on my way to work. I wish it was more extensive . I confidently recommend this course. I am sure it is the best out there, and reasonable too. Maybe most amazing is the costumer service.

  9. David says

    In a cardiac Thoracic open Heart ICU during a code are you suppose to leave the drips on or off? I was taught years ago drips off and now the pushes begin and once ROSC gtts adjusted and or continued; vasopressors,
    Positive inotropes, vasodilators all off during the code; but lately I’ve seen new nurses leaving drips on, except the mil, or dilators.
    What is the national standard or best practice? Is it unit or hospital preference, or a standard?

    As always thank you for all your hard work and this site!!


    • ACLS says

      There is no national standard or best practice for this and I have never seen any research that has addressed this.

      I would just recommend asking the person who is in charge of the code what they would prefer.

      Kind regards,

  10. Janet says

    I have always had anxiety when my PALS recertification was due.
    This is the first time I used this program. I did the two week cram course. Unfortunately, two days before the PALS exam, it was delayed due unforeseen circumstances. I renewed it for another month to continue preparing. The reason I did this was because this was by and far the BEST method of preparing for me. I find I understand and retain much more due to the structure of this learning model. The testing is so valuable, It teaches one how to take a better test, to really look at the question, to eliminate answers, to come to the right answer. I definitely feel more prepared for the written exam because of the testing in this program. I would highly recommend this course. It takes pre-PALS preperation to a whole new level.

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