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  1. Colleen Fletcher says

    I was certified in 1996 while deployed in Germany and took my first ACLS class. As O.R nurses we don’t give a lot of drugs and see really abnormal rhythms. I always had high anxiety when I had to recert. every two years. I wanted to be more prepared this time. I starting studying a month before and signed up for the two week review.
    I was glad I did because I learned a lot, my stress level was low and now I feel more confident if I am part of a code situation.
    Of course I passed and had fun during the two day class.

  2. David says

    I recently was informed that Epi was going to be ever two minutes to five minutes. Therefore during the 2 minute ‘swing’ to new chest compression person you know to give Epi have you heard this?
    Looking for data to support what the ED physician told us.

    David Happy New Year to you and yours

    • ACLS says

      I have not heard of this change or plans of this change taking place. Currently the guidelines show epinephrine being given every 3 to 5 minutes and now there is a new mid range of every four minutes that can be used. (AHA ACLS Provider Manual, p 123)

      Kind regards,

  3. Jeannie Bankston says

    The ACLS review was a huge help!
    A week ago after having months of anxiety….I passed with confidence thanks to your course. I highly recommend it to anyone renewing or taking ACLS .

  4. Carme says

    Jeff, your ACLS study course is priceless. I gained a great understanding of algorithms. I would recommend your ACLS training and review.

  5. Melissa Sciremammano says

    Thank you. This is such a great review in preparation for ACLS. I definitely felt prepared going into my class today.

  6. ROSALIND Muhr says

    Thank you for providing such a thorough review of the ACLS course, I did very well as usual after taking your course. I would recommend this course to everyone . It made it interesting and understandable and easy to apply.

    Rosalind Muhr

  7. Abby says

    This class is great! Really well put together. Made me confident going in to get my recertification, and really appreciated the CEUs! I will definitely take this class again next time, and have been recommending it to my coworkers.

  8. Diana K says

    Fantastic site. Prepped for my ACLS recert by taking the interactive course and it went very smooth. Enjoy all the practice scenarios.

  9. Catherine McCarthy says

    This was a GREAT course! I will recommend it to everyone I know ! It was interactive and fun to do. I actually looked forward to getting online and studying!

  10. Margareta Defiglio says

    Thank you very much for your wonderful support! Your website was the best resource to prepare for my first time taking ACLS! I passed successfully! Keep it updated! I will return when I need to renew my license!

  11. Dan says

    I am an ER doc (Especialidad en Urgencias Medico-Quirurgicas) in Mexico. I constantly use Jeff¨s website to train medical students, general physicians (M.B.B.S.), dentists, and nurses at the hospital where I work. Jeff covers absolutely everything one needs to know to feel confident when running a code (blue).
    I wish he offered an online BLS/ACLS, PALS Certification/Recertification course.

  12. Diane Hill says

    I had great understanding and ease of ACLS review with Jeffs program. At first I thought the music
    with CPR instruction was a bit much, but learned to love it. I have been taking ACLS for 30 years, and this was both educational and informative and not filled with statistically nonsense.
    I look forward to the PALS course

  13. Brandy says

    Megacode simulations really helped improve my critical thinking and application of algorithms. Felt confident going into my course.

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