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  1. Elizabeth Sheffield says

    Every year I tell myself that I will not wait until the last minute… Jeff’s course enables all providers, and even those of you who may procrastinate, to feel prepared for ACLS. He is always very responsive to questions and any system issues.

    Thank you!

  2. Pascal Constantin says

    The information provided and the positive approach was excellent. I will certainly use this learning site again and will recommend it.

  3. Dave S says

    Most excellent course! Very informative and well put together. i’m happy to say I made 100% on my PALS final written test and rocked the mega code! I will definitely use this review course in the future for both my ACLS and PALS.

    I would also like to add excellent customer service. When I signed up for PALS, I inadvertently hit the AC LS subscription. I called Jeff, he answered the phone immediately and while I was on the phone changed my subscription to the correct one and I was on my way! Thank you Jeff!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  4. Jennifer Mellanson says

    Learn and Master ACLS/PALS is the most clear, concise and simple study tool that I have found. I like the way the information is organized and presented. The test and videos are the icing on the cake to learning and mastering ACLS. I come to this site not just for ACLS renewal but, to stay knowledgeable… Thank you for what you do!!!


  5. Maria says

    I am so thankful for this website. It’s worth every penny I paid for it. I crammed for ACLS and used this website to study for two days. It was all the review I needed. I learned to read ECG strips in one day! I passed my ACLS!

  6. Shirley says

    I love this site! I just passed my ACLS again in August. I have used this program for several years for my studies. It’s a great tool for learning and very organized. Thank you!

  7. Deirdre says

    I really enjoyed this course. Learning the information BEFORE the class and actually SEEING WHAT medications are used for the different arrhythmias was SO HELPFUL during the class. I will MOST DEFINITELY buy this course again BEFORE my NEXT renewal. (I also referred the course to a co-worker) and we BOTH PASSED, with FLYING colors.

  8. Brandi Rawlins says

    I have been using ACLS algorithms made simple for well over 6 years now. I have passed with flying colors every time. I decided to go ahead and get the one year subscription because my facility now uses the RQI approach to our BLS and ACLS renewal. So every 3 months I have to retest and demonstrate competency, both knowledge and skill. I want to be able to review a little bit every week to keep it all fresh in my mind. I also work with all of our newly licensed RNs and recommend this site to every single one of them. Thank you so much for this awesome tool. If you are on the line in deciding whether or not it is worth, just go for it! Give it a try. You will pass with flying colors, find yourself genuinely prepared and back when it’s time to recert!!!

  9. Lynda Marie says

    So glad I found this site. I was using an app for refreshing my memory for ACLS, this year it was “no longer supported”.
    Your site is well worth the money and your approach and explanations were greatly appreciated. I will use this site again in two years. Thank you for sharing your gift of knowledge and teaching!

  10. Susana says

    Hi Jeff,
    I would like to thank you once again. I renewed my ACLS with full confident. Your website is a great tool to have. You have organized the site with an easy format from practice tests, mega codes, and updates. I will be back in 2 years:)

    Kind regards,

  11. Elaine says

    The information provided and the positive approach was excellent. I will certainly use this learning site again and will recommend it to my colleagues.

  12. Carolyn Cloninger says

    I’ve used this course several times to renew my ACLS and love it! The information is kept current and the tests are spot-on. I always ace the recertification tests and am kept proficient for the actual hands on section with the review of the ‘Mega Code’ videos in this course. I highly recommend this review site to anyone that needs it – you can’t go wrong!

  13. Gia says

    I have been a nurse for several years, and it was time once again to renew my ACLS certification. I have always been the type of person who uses self written guides and quizzes, whenever possible, to help me study and test my knowledge. Your website was very helpful for this! It’s the only website I have found so far that has numerous quiz questions available for the various topics included in ACLS. I really enjoyed the mega code questions because that’s how we’re tested in real life. Your inclusion of the algorithms is very helpful for those who don’t have the latest copy of the ACLS handbook. (I do because I’m extra when it comes to being prepared.) I was also impressed that all information was updated to the 2020 guidelines. Overall, I enjoy your website and I will subscribe again in two years!

  14. Wayne Clemens says

    Such a well organized and accessible approach to what could be a very overwhelming experience.

    Always my “go to” for study and review.

  15. Rebecca says

    I was nervous about ACLS. It was my first time and honestly I’m the nurse that answers the call bells during a code unless it’s my patient due to my comfort with them. This site taught me so many wonderful things and in multiple formats. I was able to successfully pass my ACLS and I truly believe it was this program that made that possible. I also feel more comfortable with codes now. Thank you!! I will be back again in 2 years when it’s time to renew!!

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