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  1. Diana says

    I renewed both my ACLS and BLS at the same time. I breezed through the BLS and the ACLS with this course. Next time I will spend more time on the MEGA codes because that was my only weak link . This course really gives you the practice you need to take either course with ease.

  2. Diane says

    This was a great tool for me to prepare for ACLS recert. I will definitely return for review & appreciate that the info is kept up to date! The clear explanations & samples of strips have made a big difference in my ability to learn the rhythms.

  3. Terrie Currie says

    I use this every time I need to renew. Thank you for this wonderful website. I have never failed!!

  4. Patrick Motema lutala says

    thank you so very much Jeff , this was actually a wonderful experience for me , I m currently a general doctor applying for a post graduate in emergency medexmcine so far waiting for the interview I feel confident to go for the interview since I have warned that acls is requisite for the rest…so I just think of keeping this partnership and extend my membership for longer
    thank you again and keep well.

  5. Jill Morgan says

    This is the most practical method to prepare for ACLS and PALS. I have used it for the last several years. Thank you, Jeff, for your diligence to keep it up to date.

  6. Susan Tan says

    Jeff, thank you once again for the reviews before my BLS and ACLS exams , I did it on June 26,2021, passed with 100% of the multiple choice online exam , very happy with the marks and more confident dealing with Emergency situations , no doubt both required frequent practice to retain the information and attending to Mock arrest
    Thank you for this wonderful site , I have used in many times to review before renewing my BLS and ACLS
    Thank you once again

  7. Celeste G Woolum says

    I used this course to prepare myself for the ACLS course. It definitely made me feel more confident in my knowledge. It was also a very fair price. I did it all in one day, about 12 hrs to cram for ACLS the following day. I walked into my ACLS class feeling ready, it was completely worth it.

  8. Lerato Sebotsa says

    For a 1st time ACLS student,I thought I won’t make it.thank u so much for making it easy for me.i aced my test nd practical.will definitely continue here again for my renewal nd when I do PALS in future.


    This was definitely the best way for me to study for this course. All the videos and practice scenarios prepared me for when I did my “megacode” testing. I really appreciate the format with different study methods available. I would go to the gym and listen to the audio algorithms during my workout. Thanks a bunch, you guys have a great program put together. I will definitely use this again before my next renewal.

  10. Connie Hughes says


    I passed ACLS with a 96 on my test! I didn’t spend as much time reviewing but still did well thanks to the website. This website is amazing and I have shared it with others. Keep up the great work!

    Thanks again,

    • ACLS says

      That’s great Connie! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Thanks for passing it on to others as well! Kind regards, Jeff

  11. Alice Heller says

    Hi Jeff,
    Loved talking to you the other day after I had a question. Thanks for having this FABULOUS ACLS course. It is wonderful. Aced it. Will be back in 2 years. Stay well and continue doing what you’re doing
    Alice Heller

    • ACLS says

      Hi Alice,
      That’s great! It was nice talking to you as well. God willing, I will definitely keep doing what I’m doing.
      Kind regards, Jeff

  12. Kellie says

    Excellent learning tools that are also fun! I always feel well prepared for ACLS and PALS with the help of this website. Thank you!

  13. barbara bing says

    I found this to be an excellent preparation for taking the ACLS exam. I went into the course with a solid base of understanding and confidence that I would be able to participate appropriately in the megacodes and pass the test. My score was perfect–can’t argue with that!
    Thank you for providing this information in such a way as to be easily retained and applied.

    • ACLS says

      Hi Barbara,
      That’s great! Thanks so much for sharing your feedback. I’m so glad that the site has been helpful for you
      Kind regards,

  14. Stephen says

    This is a very good learning tool. I gained a lot of confidence as I studied using this program, both ACLS and PALS.

    • ACLS says

      Hi Stephen,
      Thanks so much for leaving your comment and feedback. I am so glad that the site has been helpful for you.
      Kind regards,

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