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  1. Kathryn Brooks says

    This course contains the meat and potatoes of ACLS, is well-organized and well-quizzed for retention. My only complaint is the amount of spelling errors throughout the entirety of the course. It was rather distracting for a spelling/grammar nerd like me! If you would like to hire me to edit the ACLS content, I would love to clean it up! I used the site to refresh my memory of ACLS, and passed with no issues.

  2. Charles says

    Brilliant practical no nonse website… straight on point. TVM for the great opportunity being part of this Website. No waste of money nor time here.

  3. Betty Lou says

    Excellent course for review and those of us who learn better doing quizzes and megacode reviews. Recommend it for anyone preparing for either initial or refresher course for ACLS & PALS
    Betty Lou

  4. Holly Brunner says

    Jeffery. Thank you so much for this website. I have used it for my ACLS for many years. Have recommended it to coworkers. It has prepared me very well over the years. I did my testing yesterday & passed, and happy to say it will be my last time as I will retire before I have to take it again. Thank you so much.

  5. Ann Repsher says

    I am going to sign up again to do this course it was very educational and you made it easy to review. Thank you for the time you took to make such a wonderful program. It was easy to use and the day I took ACLS I had a lot of confidence walking into the class.

  6. Ruth Vander Ark says

    This is a Great refresher course. I have taken it several years and it is a wonderful way to prepare for ACLS. It makes re-certification so much easier.

    Thank you Jeff!!


  7. lpinto says

    Thank you, another successful certification! I always feel well prepared thanks to you! I highly recommend this course, I have been using it for years, hands down the best out there! Thank you!

  8. Lynn says

    After taking ACLS for well over 25 years, this site is an absolutely joy to experience! I can honestly say that spending a few dollars for access to the full content is by far the best way and value, to prepare for your ACLS recertification. I highly recommend this site not only for physicians, nurses, EMT’s, but also for nurse educators. Keep up the great work!

  9. Angie Surratt says

    Once again this site has helped me feel better, and more prepared going into my recertification of PALS. Thank you so much! I’m truly thankful that there is such a great, and educational, website to help curb the fears of mega codes, and the tests.

  10. Luana Booth, CRNA says

    I have used this website for ACLS and PALS recertification for years. It’s the only resource I use for review due to the consistent attention to detail in keeping the content current with AHA guidelines. I have recommended it to everyone I know studying for ACLS/PALS. I also use the website periodically throughout the year to refresh my knowledge of AHA guidelines. I feel confident knowing I am prepared for a cardiac emergency.

  11. Marla Fragale says

    I worked in a psychiatric setting and had anxiety attack when the hospital decided to make all nurses to have ACLS/PALS certification. Attended class but had hard time catching up. My brother told me about your site and I AM EVER SO GRATEFUL because you made it so clear, easy to understand and follow specially with new updates. This old psychiatric nurse THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH!!!

  12. Iry says

    I’ve been ACLS-certified for 10 years and have been lucky enough to find this site from the beginning. Each year, prior to recertification, I do a 2 week refresher and it gives me the confidence I need to do great. Last year I took PALS and used this site to pre-study. I love how the information is structured, is always up to date.
    Thank you so much Jeffery!

  13. Ashraf Tomoum says

    THIS IS AN EXCELLENT acls/pals/bls course REVIEW
    I highly recommend it to anyone about to take these courses for certification.
    It’s always updated, well designed and carefully planned.
    I’ve been using it for years because its simply the best out there.
    thanks Jeff

    Dr. Ashraf

  14. Bryan Leonard says

    What a fantastic website. This course was just want I needed to sharpen my skills teach ACLS to the AHA guidelines. The discount to renew was such a nice thing to see and I have renewed for a year.


  15. Monette says

    I recommend this program as a first timer in ACLS it’s really big help for me. I learned a lot from this site and worth every penny. Thank you for providing us this kind of program.

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