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  1. Tom Miller says

    Can you check question 3 on megacode scenario 4, if you select amio and adensoine it says its wrong and selects procainamide as the correct choice, if you select procainamide it says adenosine and amio are correct???


  2. Iris Corrigan says

    Jeff thanks for running such a great site and helping me get through a.c.l.s. yet again. Each year your site improves and my first move when knowing a.c.l.s. Is coming is to sign up with you!
    Best regards

  3. G V Nagabhushana says

    After getting all the algorithms rights, learn the dosages of medications used, Megacodes show what you need to in simulated situations.
    How can one improve further?
    Suggestions are welcome.
    This is a great site to learn and practice.
    Thank you, Jeff

    • ACLS says

      Repetition is the key. Repeat until the interventions become second nature. This will make real situations easy to handle and much less stressful. Kind regards, Jeff

  4. Ryan Heiden says

    I see things in monophasic for shocking doses. Can you please add biphasic shocking doses for everything. Cardioversion and Defibrillation. Ty.

    • ACLS says

      Hi Ryan,
      Everything on the site is geared around by phasic defibrillator use. Any mention of Monophasic defibrillator is just for reference. always assume the use of a biphasic defibrillator for scenarios on this site. Kind regards, Jeff

  5. Brennan Williams says

    This website helped me so much I used it a lot for my paramedic course. It really helped to have multiple scenarios to study and to have ECG strips all with easy access! Definitely going to continue studying here on this site! Thank you for all the help!

    • ACLS says

      Hi Brennan, That’s great! Thanks so much for letting me know how things went. I’m so glad that the site was helpful for you. Kind regards, Jeff

  6. Tina says

    I really enjoyed this program. It was easy to navigate and the material was easy to understand. The videos/music was entertaining to get through. I took ACLS at my hospital where I’m a RN and used this program for a pre-course supplement. I felt prepared for the class and I passed. I would have been nice if the mega code videos were real life/acting videos.

  7. Sergio Mendoza says

    Great site, just wish there was a way to save our progress when using the megacode scenarios


  8. Davis Morgan says

    Very helpful in preparing me for my re-certification coming up this week ! It would be helpful if each megacode scenario was also titled as to what it actually is in order to quickly toggle back and forth between your site and the AHA site.

  9. Jennifer Savage says

    Hi, Thanks for such a great site! Really helpful! Just wondering, there are 14 megacode scenarios, however the checklist states 15. Is this just a typing error?

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