ACLS Megacode Scenario 3 |


  1. monicab says

    It’s 3rd degree bloc. Ps March out, QRSs March out but no association between QRS complexes and P waves. And there are more P waves than QRs waves.

  2. Monica B says

    This is 3rd degree or complete heart block. More P waves than QRS complexes and each marches out to the beat of a different drum aka they are totally disassociated from one another.

    • Annie says

      Thank you for this analogy…I never understood what was meant by “they are marching out” until now. Wembley G

  3. jeffrey o kasbohm says

    Your third degree block seems closer to a 2nd degree mobitz I : you have the increasing PR interval then a dropped p wave. — I think you can justify it as 3rd degree since the R to R interval doesn’t change (ant the p to p wave interval is unchanging) . If real life was as simple. Thanks though MUCH for your site! Great for quizzing.

    • Jody says

      I disagree. If you see the first p wave, it has a very short PR. Then right after that you have a ‘dropped’ QRS. It does not follow the longer, longer, drop pattern.

    • Jack M says

      the key here is what you said about the P-P and R-R intervals being steady. If it were a 2nd degree type 1 the R-R would shorten and PR lengthen until a qrs is dropped.

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