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  1. Obinki says

    Thank you for this website. I signed up and I passed ACLS today. I would recommend it for other people. It is really helpful and amazing. Thank you Jeff for making it easy for us to achieve our goals. Thumbs up!!!!

  2. yokitaw says

    Hi, what is the reason ACLS does not do up to 3 stackable shocks to witnessed VF and pulseless VT? Thank you.

    • Jeff with admin. says

      Stacked shocks can delay initiation chest compressions.

      A decade of research with stacked shocks showed that there was no improved outcome as compared with single shock and also coronary perfusion with chest compressions is actually vitally important to the resuscitation process.

      The improved oxygenation that occurs in the heart with chest compressions actually improves the chances that ventricular fibrillation will be reversed with defibrillation.

      Therefore, stacked shocks were eliminated in order to encourage immediate high-quality CPR after each shock.

      Kind regards,

  3. Martina Murphy says

    Thank you, I passed ACLS today first time .I found the site an invaluable study aid and preparation for 2 day ACLS course.I will definitely recommend to colleagues in work. All the parts of the course are excellent.

  4. Arlene Ounjian says

    Thank you Jeff for putting together a very informative and educational site. This is my second time using your materials. I’ve been a nurse for 40 years mostly in labor and delivery . I want to tell everyone to take advantage and read through all the questions and comments from others as you can learn so much in that section alone.
    I’m wondering how to access the actual questions I did not answer correctly in the dashboard so I can review those again instead of taking the test over (especially if I only answered 1 incorrectly)

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge Jeff.

    • Jeff with admin. says

      Thanks so much for the encouragment and feedback.

      At this time there is no way to view and saved test answers. None of the test answers are saved in the database. Just the final scores are saved.

      Kind regards,

  5. Davis Poon says

    Hi Jeff,

    Can you provide much more in-depth information on about the correct dosage of Epinephrine and Dopamine for Unstable Bradycardia patient.

    Epinephrine 2-10 mcg/min
    Dopamine 2-20 mcg/kg/min

    Best regards,

  6. Yatin Kukreja says

    Hi Jeff,
    What an awesome site. I read the ACLS manual for 5 days, and then took a 24 hr membership of this site. Did almost all the questions during that 24 hrs.
    The exam seemed to be so damn easy after going through this site. Thanks a ton. I have been offered an Instructor status!
    Awesome work Jeff!

  7. Dawn Palumbo says

    Just wanted you to know…..I have terrible test anxiety and I tested today 10/14/17 and I passed with an86% I changed 2 answers and had them right ( I know better) ! But I’ll take the pass! So happy I purchased this, you made it easier for me to understand! The code, I went first and it was good! Thank you. Thank you. Could not have done this without you.

  8. Diane Scrivener says

    Thank you!!!! 1st time for ACLS. Had this course for a month. Wrote exams today and passed with flying colours and the instructor told me to go do a “Happy Dance”. Thank you so much for the course. Way better than just reading it out of the manual.

  9. Thu Ng says

    Just want to say thanks to you Jeff for a wonderful, easy to understand website. Passed ACLS today..:).. Lots of confidence and understandings gained from practice on this site.
    Your personal and pleasant helps are also very appreciated.

  10. Marylee Druck says

    I have used this site 3 times to review for ACLS.recertification. I always find the approach systematic and interesting. It is much more fun than reading the manual. I always feel prepared for the recertification class.

    It would be great to add an audio component to listen to in the car. So much time wasted driving to and from, might as well review. The price is very reasonable.

    Love this site.


  11. Neil Yambao says

    Best way to prepare and understand ACLS is with this program!!! The way the information is presented makes it easy to understand and learn. I’ve used the 2 week course twice as a refresher prior to renewing my ACLS. I’m also able to implement what I’ve learned to good use at work. Thank you so much for creating this program.

  12. Kathleen Gebhardt says

    Just wanted to thank you for this awesome teaching tool. Had ACLS yesterday and passed, more importantly I understood what I was doing and why. I find your site very easy to understand and fun to learn. Thank you so much.

  13. Amanda Pratt says

    I am a general med-surg nurse transferring to critical care and having to take the ACLS class terrified me the most of all the classes I have to take. I purchased the 2 week program 2 days before my ACLS test. This course helped so much! I feel I wouldn’t have passed my test with a 92 without this. Thank you for making learning ACLS much more interesting because trying to meaningfully read the book was not going to happen for me. The megacodes went smooth as well. I think the megacode scenarios in this course are the biggest reason and THE way to succeed at the ACLS test. The $14.99 was more than worth it. Just purchase it! Once again, thank you! Amanda, RN

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