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  1. cancelm5 says

    These megacode questions are great tool and review of this material. Thus far, I have practiced all of them and getting high scores!!! I hope that is a good indicator for passing the real exam. This site is absolutely helpful for me to be able to understand and follow sequence. Thank you. I am taking the test next Wednesday on day 2 of ACLS class. I am prepping to pass. 🙂 Maria RN 🙂

  2. ArleneDS says

    This site is very helpful and organized. I learn a lot from this course. Thank you Jeff for your hard work and dedication. I will definitely recommend this site for a beginner like me. Keep it up and may God bless you abundantly.

  3. Brittany says

    Passed ACLS recertification yesterday with flying colors, 100% on the written testand 100% on the practical thanks to this website ! I also read the AHA ACLS book cover to cover but this website is definitely the best at applying all that information and allowing you to think on your feet in real time. I used this website two years ago when I was preparing to take ACLS for the first time, and had the same results. This website is definitely the best preparation for the test and practical, as well as in the clinical setting. Thank you for running this website so well! See you in two years 🙂

  4. aslan says

    Whenever I answer a question in the mega code quizzes the # box turns green whether I answer correct or wrong? can you explain please.
    I thought a wrong answer would show as yellow for review. Confusing. Thank you.

    • Jeff with admin. says

      If you given incorrect answer, you will see the incorrect answer highlighted red and the correct answer highlighted green. Also, just below the answers, you will see the words correct or incorrect depending on whether you get the question right.
      Kind regards,

  5. samsmama says

    Thank you for the quick reply to my question. Turns out, the hospital’s study guide had a typo in it! I love your website, it’s the second time I have used it.
    God Bless you and your lovely family.

  6. bBrian Backman says

    I cruised through the MegaCode yesterday,couldn’t have done it without this course
    It was worth every penny

  7. Nancy Minter says

    Fyi we had the “new” regs test yesterday March 8. No vasopressin, hypothermia to 32 to 36 degrees for 24 hours, breaths q6 secs, 100 to 120 breath/min……

  8. sbouge says

    Dear Jeff, I rarely leave a comment…. I purchased the quick ? 2 week program. It was wonderful! I felt pretty dumb sometimes but after only 2 days of studying I aced my test…made a 94% which was just fine with me! Was lucky to find your program and to have a great ACLS Instructor with my Hospital. Thank you so much for the resources you offer. Great job!

  9. aliciad92 says

    I used this website for about a month, and paid for the full version. I took my first ACLS test today, and passed with 100% and rocked my megacode. I would recommend this site to everyone and to pay for the full version. It was extremely helpful! Thank you!

  10. Inessa says

    Hi Jeff,
    Thank you for the wonderful website! I took and passed ACLS today easily: it took me less than 30 minutes to respond to 50 questions. And Megacode was easy, too.

  11. Zaheer Farah says

    I have heard guidelines have changed, vasopressin is no longer used, so many questions still have it, needs to be changed.

    • Jeff with admin. says

      The new guidelines will not take effect until the April or May 2016. Until then, the old guidelines will continue to be tested for AHA training. This does not mean that you yourself cannot implement them in your own practice, it just means that when you test, you will not be responsible for this new information until the new AHA guidelines are added to the AHA ACLS Certification training.

      Kind regards,

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