ACLS Megacode Simulator

ACLS Megacode Simulator

The ACLS Simulator provides you with ACLS megacode scenarios that will help you ace ACLS certification. This one of a kind online learning experience will give you the confidence that you need in emergency situations.

Use the links below to access each scenario. After you have completed the scenario, the ACLS simulator will grade your test, and you will receive instant feedback. This will help reinforce the ACLS Algorithm and improve your ability to respond in emergency situations. Go through the scenarios as many times as you need to achieve mastery of the ACLS Algorithms.

After you have completed these multiple choice scenarios, move on to the megacode series videos which will take you one step further in your mastery of the ACLS algorithms.

ACLS Scenarios

Megacode Scenario 1Megacode Scenario 2Megacode Scenario 3

Megacode Scenario 4

Megacode Scenario 5

Megacode Scenario 6

Megacode Scenario 7

Megacode Scenario 8

Megacode Scenario 9

Megacode Scenario 10

Megacode Scenario 11

Megacode Scenario 12

Megacode Scenario 13

Megacode Scenario 14

ACLS simulator is compliant to 2010-2015 AHA ACLS guidelines


  1. lekver says

    Hi! Im a 2005 graduate and my job now require me to have ACLS cert. I’m taking it this April 8th. I’m having so much confidence now, this is the first time ever I understand ACLS. You made it very simple! Thanks!

  2. Mscarla13 says

    I found this site quite by accident. I was just searching for websites to review ACLS and there you were. I can’t say enough praises about your website I’ve told all of my colleagues at the hospital. You have done a phenomenal job! Are you going to have something similar for PALS? You have made learning an enjoyable task.

  3. mkkarma says

    Hello. I’m an RN, and I’ve taken ACLS before.
    Just wanted to let you know that this site is fantastic. Great review.
    It will not only help you pass the ACLS written and Megacode, but it will help you excel, as I did.
    Thank you for this site!

  4. Fatmah says

    Hi Jeff!, I’m working as an ICU nurse in Brunei and will be sitting for my 1st ACLS exam this end of Feb. Im hoping to get enough information from this site and prepared me well with the information. I’m really excited reading all the comments and wish that this site will be able to help me too. This is because the people that I’m gonna be taking ACLS has at least 10 yrs experiences while myself just a newbie in the CIU with only almost 3 yrs experiences. Wish me luck Jeff, will gt back to once I got my results

  5. mjphilip says

    Hello Jeff,
    I almost study for 3 months for this website and you know this is my first time to take the ACLS. I am a cardiac technician here in Saudi Arabia. I feel comfortable and ready for my ACLS tomorrow. The Megacode stimulator and the practice questions really boost my cardiac experience. I try the pre-test exam online almost the same questions. I know I can make coz I am really prepare and confident to take the ACLS. Pray pray for me jeff..thank u and Godbless u..I will recommend your website to my other colleague…

  6. MMStieber says

    So glad I scrolled upon this awesome site filled with useful and informative information for renewal of my ACLS certification. I not only spent my personal time but also invested in this awesome site. I’m not a nurse nor a physician but just as important in the scheme of healthcare givers; ie: EP AngioSpecialists, RT(R). My background is not pushing meds and directing care but I perform just as important and critical duties when it comes to caring for and saving lives of each patient I come in contact with.
    Unfortunately, some of the educators that teach at our training center forget that there are other than nurses and physicians responsible for taking ACLS. Two years ago two of our instructions forgot who they were teaching and looked down on me; made passing impossible and horrible. This time around (Dec 30, 2014), I’m prepared to the best of my ability “thanks to your awesome site”. So, with that said keep me in your prayers as I take all that I’ve learned from you to enable me to pass successfully. Thanks for all your time and effort you put forth into this awesome site.

  7. ellechal says

    Excellent resource for healthcare providers. Love the questions and megacode videos. I feel thoroughly prepared for ACLS. thanks Jeff.

  8. says

    Kung sino gusto kumuha ng ACLS sa Manila, Please wag na wag kayo mag-Eenroll sa Phil Childrens Medical Center sa QC–wala kayo matututunan at mayayabang mga nagtuturo doon, may baklang nurse doon pede nyo ichoke tapos irevive nyo pede rin wag na. basta wag kayo sa PCMC kukuha ng BLS-ACLS-PALS,, marami pa po iba magaganda at maayos ang pagtuturo katulad sa Fe del Mundo.
    Okay, salamat po.

  9. timber says

    I am so confused with the understanding of terminology of: pacing, defibrillation, cardioversion, unsynchronized and synchronized. can someone please explain. thank you. I have spent so much time trying to understand and I am sure it is not difficult but I am obviously missing something.

    • says

      Transcutaneous PACING is performed by placing pads on top of the skin (transcutaneous). These pads conduct an electrical current that stimulate the heart to contract. This is used to increase the heart rate when it is to low.

      See this page for a complete explanation of defibrillation and cardioversion.

      These words mean the same thing: Cardioversion=synchronized cardioversion
      These words mean the same thing: unsynchronized cardioversion=defibrillation

      Kind regards,

  10. katonern says

    Passed ACLS again with your help Jeff. Thanks for a great site! See you in 2016..Any chance for a PALS site in your future?

  11. bhallrn says

    I passed my BLS/ACLS class today. Your website really helped with my review and gave me more confidence in the mega code. I really felt prepared this by using the mega code scenarios and review. Thanks so much for your great website. See you in 2 years!

  12. Mili Mili says

    OH Jeff! You are the best! ;-) I would like to invite you here for dinner :) I finish my megacode and i receive so many EXCELLENT remark:) Looking for tomorrow’s exam:)

  13. Ahmed Ahmed says

    I have to say that although I am already ACLS certified and I am an administrator of an AHA authorized international training center in my hospital, I’ve never seen a site with great ACLS information as easy as this one, yet you do your answers with fun and confidence and finally you feel yourself like a real professional.
    Jeff; I appreciate your great work with this site. I made a great benefit from it for refreshing my information and keep it updated.
    Definitely I will recommend the site to my colleagues and those who intend to prepare for the ACLS testing.
    Thanks again and wish you all the good luck in the future. Please keep going.

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