ACLS Megacode Simulator

ACLS Megacode Simulator

The ACLS Simulator provides you with ACLS megacode scenarios that will help you ace ACLS certification. This one of a kind online learning experience will give you the confidence that you need in emergency situations.

Use the links below to access each scenario. After you have completed the scenario, the ACLS simulator will grade your test, and you will receive instant feedback. This will help reinforce the ACLS Algorithm and improve your ability to respond in emergency situations. Go through the scenarios as many times as you need to achieve mastery of the ACLS Algorithms.

After you have completed these multiple choice scenarios, move on to the megacode series videos which will take you one step further in your mastery of the ACLS algorithms.

ACLS Scenarios

Megacode Scenario 1Megacode Scenario 2Megacode Scenario 3

Megacode Scenario 4

Megacode Scenario 5

Megacode Scenario 6

Megacode Scenario 7

Megacode Scenario 8

Megacode Scenario 9

Megacode Scenario 10

Megacode Scenario 11

Megacode Scenario 12

Megacode Scenario 13

Megacode Scenario 14

ACLS simulator is compliant to 2010-2015 AHA ACLS guidelines


  1. Ilanaleikin says

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for making this site! It helped me greatly with being prepared and passing my ACLS today! :)

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