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ACLS Megacode Simulator


ACLS Megacode Simulator

The ACLS Simulator provides you with ACLS megacode scenarios that will help you ace ACLS certification. This one of a kind online learning experience will give you the confidence that you need in emergency situations.

Use the links below to access each scenario. After you have completed the scenario, the ACLS simulator will grade your test, and you will receive instant feedback. This will help reinforce the ACLS Algorithm and improve your ability to respond in emergency situations. Go through the scenarios as many times as you need to achieve mastery of the ACLS Algorithms.

After you have completed these multiple choice scenarios, move on to the megacode series videos which will take you one step further in your mastery of the ACLS algorithms.

ACLS Scenarios

Megacode Scenario 4Megacode Scenario 5

Megacode Scenario 6Megacode Scenario 7

Megacode Scenario 8Megacode Scenario 9

Megacode Scenario 10Megacode Scenario 11

Megacode Scenario 12Megacode Scenario 13

Megacode Scenario 14

ACLS simulator is compliant to 2010-2015 AHA ACLS guidelines

  150 Responses to “ACLS Megacode Simulator

  1. Do you only check for pulse after two mins of CPR if an organised rhythm is present?

  2. Excellent site. Do you plan to add the stroke algorithm? Or is it here tucked away?

  3. Thanks for the great website passed yesterday 98% on written and easily passed megacode I am recommending your site to my coworkers. We all work in a Outpatient Surgery Center where codes don’t occur soACLS is a little intimidating . I thought your website made me much more confident. Thank You Debbie

  4. Dear jeff , thank you so much for all the effort you put into this amazing site,i really appreciate all the work you had infested here,
    i have a query regards rhythm and pulse check , i know from reading here that each chock followed by 5 cycle then a rhythm check, correct??
    but how often do i check pulse every 5 cycles or every rhythm check ?
    and if i have a change in rhythm after shock do i continue 5 cycles cpr first or check pulse first ?

    • You would only check a pulse if you see a rhythm change. The rhythm change would need to be a rhythm that could have a pulse.

      After the shock, you always immediately begin CPR. Do not look at the rhythm until after 5 cycles of CPR. After 5 cycles of CPR then you would perform a rhythm check.

      Kind regards,

  5. I just want to say that Thank Jeff for this site! I passed it today. Only I studied is that I follow your study guide. I was very stressful before my friend told me about this site!. This price is not bad at all and your site is wonderful!! Thanks Jeff, I will tell my co-workers about this site !!!! God bless you!

  6. very wonderful site

  7. I love you Jeff!! This is really wonderful site!

  8. I love your site! It is user friendly and so very helpful in all aspects of ACLS.

  9. Great web-site, found this to prepare for my ACLS renewal! I’ll tell my friends.

  10. Well, you’ve done it again! I just recertified, and I did’t even look at the book! This is I dead a great site. Thanks again.

  11. Thank you Jeff!!!! I recerted today and passed with more confidence then ever before thanks to this wonderful site. You hit on all the important issues and I will definitely recommend this site to everyone!!!!!!

  12. Jeff, thank you so much for your very organized on line course,this helped me more than the ACLS book which i felt was a bit disorganized,for me anyway.i came upon your site while looking for info on ACLS….. PS, today i passed the ACLS

  13. I think I am ready for ACLS recertification tomorrow!
    Thank you for your Mega Code practice!! which is not only practical but also educational and giving confidence.
    Appreciate it.

  14. What is the current ED /door to table ( CATH ) time frame does AHA currently recommend. It use to be LESS then 90 minutes. Is that still the desirable time frame?

  15. This has been a great review as I train for ACLS instructor testing…I feel more confident quizzing myself on your great website than anywhere else…any further ACLS instructor tips are greatly appreciated!

  16. passed the course today. Best 9 bucks i ever spent!

  17. Thank You….a big confidence builder

  18. Just want to drop a line to thank you Jeff and your brother for this awesome online course that prepared me for my ACLS/BLS today. GOT it w/ very good scores. This is my recertification and I am return customer of yours…. Will recommend this to my felllow RNs in SICU where I work. GREAT JOB!!!!!! THANK YOU< THANK YOU< THANK YOU!!!!

  19. All hellp me in y job as ICU docter. Thank You

  20. I am preparing for my Final Code in my CVT program for he semester. This is definitely worth the price to help me be completely prepared! THANK YOU!

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