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    • ACLS says

      The two are different. The main difference between sinus bradycardia and sinus bradycardia with a first-degree block lies in the presence of the AV block. In sinus bradycardia, the electrical impulses from the sinus node reach the ventricles without any conduction delay. In sinus bradycardia with a first-degree AV block, there is a delay in the conduction of these impulses, which is evident by a prolonged PR interval on the ECG.

      It’s important to note that both conditions can occur independently of each other, and the presence of a first-degree AV block in sinus bradycardia does not necessarily imply a more severe or concerning condition. Sinus bradycardia with a first-degree AV block is typically benign.

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  1. Rachel Jolokai says

    When reading the comments I must have missed something or it still to come. What is the NSR the comments are talking about?

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