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    • Jeff with admin. says

      We do not use that acronym for BLS. We actually do not use an acronym for the process, but we use a series of steps. I think it would be a great thing for AHA to pick up the DRSABCD. I’m not sure if they have not done this because of copyright issues.

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  1. Kamyar Maghazehe says

    So as part of the secondary assessment, do we first look for our H&P’s than consider detailed medical history?

  2. Elaine McKinney says

    This is a great start to my day. Time for me to due acls again and glad to see you are still here

    • Jeff with admin. says

      There are 3 parts to the Systematic Approach to ACLS:

      1. BLS Assessment
      2. Primary Assessment
      3. Secondary Assessment

      In the BLS assessment, a carotid pulse is checked prior to performing anything having to do with breathing. This addresses the CAB.
      Once you begin the ACLS primary assessment, you will address the patient using the ABCD acronym. The CAB occurs in the BLS Assessment.

      For BLS, prior to 2010, we use to address airway first by assessing breathing and giving 2 rescue breaths. This is no longer the case. However, once the ACLS primary assessment begins, it starts with airway as stated.

      You can find this information on Pg. 36-38 of the AHA ACLS Provider Manual.

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