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  1. Alison Corey says

    Thanks so much for your help this morning in getting me set up on your site again! I’m looking forward to diving in to your interactive coarse, it looks amazing!


    • Jeff with admin. says

      So glad to help. I think you will find the interactive course guide very helpful. Please let me know if you have any feedback as you use the education tools. I’m always trying to make things the best that they can be.

      Kind regards,

  2. ikhlasina says

    I came across your website when I was reviewing EKG strips two years ago for PA recertification. I knew then that I would come back to it for ACLS certification. I can’t put my gratitude in words for the work you are doing. GOD BLESS YOU!!!

  3. NAMIAH says

    Thank You so much sir Jeff, i was really wondering how i will remember the contents of the book, the algorithms and with this am confident now to take my ACLS course next week. Many Thanks.

  4. Virginia Goebes says

    Thanks Jeff for taking the time to create, maintain, and improve (when new guidelines are recommended) this website, it has been a tremendous help to me when the two year mark approaches for recertification, as well as throughout the year. Every penny I spent on this website is worth the confidence builder it has become for me as I strive to keep current on ACLS for the benefit of my patients, as well as my own personal goal of being the best employee I can be for the company of which I am employed.

  5. daynen says

    I am a new cardiac cath tech and I’m taking acls for the first time next month. I have the book, but I feel that it is a jumbled mess with too many words to get to the point. This site is concise and straight to the point. I also like how you add in the page number and an explanation after each question that is asked.

  6. Trish1 says

    Thank you, Jeff, for this great website. I have been taking ACLS for 20 years and have always studied from the book. This is so much easier, enjoyable (yes, really!) and memorable. People who are complaining about the price make me wonder if they have any idea what goes into making a website. I think you have done a fantastic job and I will surely pass this along to all my colleagues. Much less freaking out at recert time, thanks to you! Bless your beautiful family!

  7. norwoodmelinda says

    We are in such a great profession with so many opportunities. I have been an ER RN for 26 years and also SART and Forensic.
    It is time for me to recert and I like the way you have laid the pro-
    gram out. I must say, in response to those who feel they do not want to pay for your services, I hope other people will not want to pay for their services. Without the education none of us would be
    in the position we are in now. I am sure they expect to be paid for
    what they do. I know I do.

  8. RonniRN says

    This is a great review for me, and it has significantly decreased my anxiety level over recertification of ACLS! I think $12.95 is fair and reasonable. Thanks Jeff!
    Ronni Herold, RN, North Carolina.

  9. Taminurse68 says

    so far i really enjoy this site! Really like your family pic and story. Sadly, few speak openly of Jesus now days. You speak AND live it. I’m glad i paid $12.95! Definitely win win!!

  10. LeeMcCarty says

    I think your ACLS web site is great! And a bargain. I use it every time I have to recertify! Thank you!
    I pass the ACLS test and Mega code easily and with confidence every time.

  11. ickinom2 says

    Thank you for your site, it is very useful. I am doing my ACLS recert through my work place, so they have discounted it for us, but they don’t provide a manual. They expect us to go to the hospital library and borrow it, but this makes it much more accessible for me!
    I am wondering if it would be a good idea to provide a page that quickly summarizes the current CPR guidelines. I am requesting this because I have been in health care for 15 years and in that time there have been many changes. I haven’t taken CPR in almost a year and I honestly get confused about what the new guidelines are versus the old standards. You mention the CAB of BCLS, but I honestly don’t remember exactly what it entails. Thank you for your consideration!

  12. Cathy says

    God bless you and your family and “new family”. I find this site very, very helpful. I am not for giving $ to sites like this. However, I do appreciate all the free info you have provided. I have visited this site time after time and find it very helpful. A big thanks! Wish me luck on Dec. 2.

  13. Cathy says

    I liked this web site however I would not pay any money for it. It is a shame money is the game here not the learning process. But, for what it is was worth “non paying”, I enjoyed and learned. Dec. 2nd is my ACLS recertification. I will continue to do the non-payment learning and studying my ACLS book that I already paid for. The site was recommended to me…, it’s ok.

    • ckaphaem says

      This is the ONLY website I’ve ever paid for content. Best money I’ve ever spent…worth every penny. It’s unfortunate that some think it’s all about the money.

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