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  1. Scott E Tomkins says

    I teach a Cardiology Rhythm reading course at a College. I use your site all the time, so do students. Thx so much!

  2. Rosemary Brereton says

    Hi Jeff,
    A great huge thanks and appreciation to you for this awesome site. The time and love you put into it and your patience in your responses to questions asked. this I believe is my fourth or fifth time using this site and it never fails to provide me with the education and info I need. Completed my ACLS and BlS for this two year period and will say that again this site has made it easier for me to continue understanding and applying the knowledge. Thanks again and again and again.
    Much love to you as you continue to provide essential education for so many of us out here.
    May God continue to richly bless you and your family.
    Absolutely love the audio quizzes, they are Amazing !!!!!!!

    • ACLS says

      Hi Becky,

      You should have access to all of the training videos along with all of the other ACLS content.

      Are you having some problems accessing materials?

      Kind regards, Jeff

  3. Ann Branz says

    This site is the best way to prepare for ACLS . The practice quizzes and videos are the best way to learn and explanations are so helpful. Thanks so much Jeff !

  4. Bruna Dessena says

    brilliant, wish I had discovered this site before! I love the various ways totest oneself, instead of the same method I have been doing . well done guys, awesome 1

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