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    • Jeff with admin. says

      Clinical studies have shown that both epinephrine and vasopressin are effective for improving the chances of return of spontaneous circulation during cardiac arrest.
      The removal was due to the fact that there is no added benefit from administering both epinephrine and vasopressin as compared with administering epinephrine alone, and in order to simplify the algorithm, vasopressin was removed.
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  1. Kristin Nelson says

    I passed my ACLS written exam because of your great site Jeff!
    Next week I just need to pass the demonstration. Thanks for answering all my questions!

  2. Kristin Nelson says

    I don’t see a Post-Cardiac Arrest Care Algorithm. Just wondering why and are we not tested on this? Thanks for your great site Jeff! Kris

  3. NANCY REEDER says

    Thank you for your very patient kind help with getting our computer set up to be able to view the videos, and also your very quick response

  4. Roberta Kendall says

    I LOVE these videos! OMG so unbelievably helpful. It’s helping me get my confidence back after 4 years without ACLS. Thank you! Clear, highlighted and example specific with great scenarios.

  5. MG MG says

    In cardiac arrest shockable rhythm pathway, the 1st dose of epi is given after 2nd shock… and after 1st shock IV access is taken if not taken already….
    If the patient already has IV access, is it okay to give 1st dose of epi after 1st shock????

    • Jeff with admin. says

      Yes, it is ok to give the first dose of epi. So long as it does not delay CPR or the delivery of shocks.

      For AHA testing make sure to give the epi after the 2nd shock during CPR.

      Kind regards,

  6. Fatmata Bangura says

    This is the best program for dummy on ACLS. I took my class today 7/27/17 and I pass with 92%. Thank you so much.After studying the materials I went through the class well prepared.

  7. katiemoczygemba says

    Learned ACLS in 6 hours without the recommended book. Scored a 98% on the written exam and aced my mega code. Thanks!!

  8. says

    Hello Jeff,
    Thanks for a fabulous, well organized site. I really enjoyed studying on it. It was so easy. Took ACLS recertification and passed with flying colors. Instructor was impressed with my ability to identify rhythms and I got 100% on the written test. This was the best that I was ever prepared.
    Thanks again.

  9. johnypq says

    Question about Amiodarone in VF/Pulseless VT algorhythm
    when you get to the first amaiodarone stage in the algorhythm (amiodarone 300mg)
    1. after administration and CPR you assess the rhythm and if still in VF
    2. GO Back and give EPI ????? + CPR, then the next round go back to Amiodarone and give 150mg ???

    is this right ?????

    • Jeff with admin. says

      After the first dose of epinephrine is given, epinephrine is basically on it’s own timetable and is given every 3 to 5 minutes.
      The second dose of amiodarone can be given any time during chest compressions after the fourth shock. It can even be postponed until after the fifth shot. Some people prefer to give the first dose of amiodarone more time to circulate before administering more.

      The timing of second administration of amiodarone is not critical.
      Kind regards,


  10. tgbeachbum says

    Thanks again for such an amazingly helpful resource!
    Scored 100% today!
    Woo hoo!
    I am recommending this to all my ER colleagues!

  11. flieswithsun says

    Dear Sir, Can you tell me where to find the information about not running cold NS for TTM. My facility still insists that it is ACLS protocol. Thank you, Jeannie

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