ACLS Basics Quiz #3 - Learn & Master ACLS/PALS


  1. Jane Heikoop says

    Quiz 3 question 2 says ‘incorrect’ for any answer chosen. I went over this question 8 times, tried each answer twice.

    • ACLS says

      In this question all of the answers are correct. All of the answers must be selected to get the question correct.

      -For cardiac and respiratory arrest always provide 100% oxygen.
      -For ACS keep the oxygen saturation greater than or equal to 90%
      -Other than cardiac arrest oxygen delivery should achieve a saturation value of 95 to 98%
      -For post cardiac wrist care keep the oxygen saturation between 92 and 98%
      Kind regards,

  2. A Gaudi says

    Hi there!
    On this question #6 of 11 on Test #3, I must have misunderstood because to me, the question is asking what “not to do” here and I answered with “use the head tilt-chin left maneuver if the jaw thrust is not effective.” But the correct answer is “use an immobilization device to stabilize the head.” I just don’t get it. Thank you for this site! It’s helping me immensely! I am a nursing student and in the 4th semester. Wembley

    • ACLS says

      On Pg. 21 of the American Heart Association 2020 ACLS Provider manual it shows the primary assessment table. On that table it lists D for disability. This is a reminder about neurologic function and the aspects of neurologic function that are assessed during the primary assessment.

      Kind regards,

  3. Steve says

    Thank you for this site, to help us strengthen our testing skills for ACLS! I just wanted to ask, though, are your page number references updated to the most current 2020 ACLS standards book? Reason I ask is because I just got my recertification book to study from with the new 2020 CPR and ECC guidelines from the AHA and the page numbering you offer for finding answers and topics on doesn’t match up.

    • ACLS says

      I have updated the written content on the website but the I have updated the written content on the website but the page number references in the quiz rationales are still being updated.

      My apologies for this. I am working steadily on these minor changes, but the major changes within the content are accurate.
      Kind regards, Jeff

  4. Karen Young says

    Quiz #3, question 2:
    The question is not about HOW the oxygen is delivered , but the answer seems to be only about that.

  5. Joe says

    Hi Jeff. Re question#8 of quiz #3. Im confused with my incorrect answer of 4. Based on your response from AHA that ” Actions performed in the Circulation portion of the Primary Assessment all involve some aspect of assessment or treatment of the cardiovascular system” then how is choice #4: Check a pulse, monitor heart rhythm, begin CPR if indicated” incorrect?? Thank you for creating such an informative & interactive site!

    • ACLS says

      This is specifically addressing the systematic approach of ACLS found on page 39 of the AHA ACLS Provider Manual. The pulse check is part of the BLS assessment which is performed prior to the ACLS Primary and Secondary assessments. The format of the AHA ACLS BLS assessment, and the ACLS Primary and Secondary assessments can be a bit confusing. This information is covered on Pg. 37-39 of the AHA Provider Manual. Kind regards, Jeff

  6. jo says

    Fantastic site. I have been taking the quizzes and am SO ready for my ACLS renewal in a couple of days. Thank you for having this great site available.

  7. gerdesmond says

    Using your site for a few years now. Am TOTALLY prepared for the course now and relaxed
    when I do it.
    As a Canadian your site is also great for us. Great website.

  8. Patricia Dwyer says

    You and your approach has gotten me through ACLS re-cert time and again. I never use it in my job as I am a L&D RN and our patients are primarily healthy but I am required non the less. This course has been an affordable and very effective career saving tool. Thank you!

  9. Linda Thomason says

    In the 3rd quiz, question 8, During the C portion…the following actions are carried out. Answer 2 says. Obtain IV access, Attach ECG leads, monitor rhythm, given medications to manage rhythm….
    Shouldn’t it be give meds to manage rhythm? Thanks! I love the site. I passed my first ACLS in my 40 yrs as a nurse and now its time to renew (oct 12th)

    • ACLS says

      Thanks so much for the encouragement. I’m so glad that you love the site.

      An IV must be placed prior to giving medications. The primary circulation interventions occur during the primary assessment. This would not include giving medications since an IV has not been placed yet. After placement of the IV during the primary assessment then would come interventions.

      Hope that makes sense. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

      Kind regards,

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