ACLS Basics Quiz #2 - Learn & Master ACLS/PALS


  1. n e wolff md says

    I dislike questions with double negatives such as: “if the above is not true…which of the below do not follow

    • ACLSHecker says

      It seems he’s trying to show us the way questions may also look on the actual ACLS test. Just an observation

  2. says

    I have been a nurse for 41 years and have obtained my BSHSA, I have worked in OB. and now Amb. Surgery yet every 2 years when I have to recert. I have palpitations. I thank God I work in a hospital setting and have a code team.I truly believe the class can be given with less stress to those of us who are not familiar with the day to day care of these patients.

    • granny30024 says

      This is my last time taking ACLS. I will be retiring in less than two years. I only wish this site was available then. I still get stressed. You know what, I didn’t have windows back then, only DOS. I still get very nervous before the final testing.

  3. EBoswell68 says

    question 6? If team lead is giving an incorrect drug dosage or incorrect task, as a team member you should question the team lead & verify information. Team lead is not always correct..isn’t that the purpose of the an entire unit being ACLS certified?

    • Jeff with admin. says

      The question reads: “Effective resuscitation team dynamics would include all of the following except:
      The one that you pointed out was the only one that was not correct. There were three that were correct and one that was the exception and incorrect. I hope that makes sense
      Kind regards,

  4. nint says

    I have to agree with Amy. I take issue with the term floor nurse!i don’t take care of floors either . I work on a busy medical unit…It is a telemetry unit with the capability of 24 patients on telemetry. We assess problems early and often times prevent a rapid response or code from occurring.. Sincerely

  5. amybrown333 says

    Ouch– “floor nurses?” A suggestion from a nurse– please do not refer to nurses working outside of ICU/CCU/PACU settings as “floor nurses.” I do not take care of floors. Never have. Acute care nurse is a better term– if you must make the distinction. Thank you!!

  6. jenimae says

    Thanks to this website, I passed my ACLS today. The logarithm scenarios and the sample questions were a great help. Thanks Jeff. J Villariza, RN

  7. helen says

    Question #6 answer states team members do not question team leaders during resuscitation.

    On pg. 19 in the ACLS manual it states team members question an order if the slighest doubt occurs. Please clarify. Helen

    • Jeff with admin. says

      The question stated, “Effective resuscitation team dynamics would include all of the following except:”
      So the answer included all of the following except “team members do not question team leaders during resuscitation.”
      If you see something that does not seem right you would respectfully question the team leader.
      Kind regards, Jeff

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