ACLS Basics Quiz #2 - Learn & Master ACLS/PALS


  1. curlysue says

    I am enjoying this course because you have made it fun! What a lovely way to learn! I will definitely recommend this site to other persons.

  2. pmn1963 says

    i am really grateful i found this site. Especially with the heart blocks. I dont think i will every forget them again thanks to the clear concise way they are explained here. my classes are coming up tomorrow and the next day, i will let you know how I do and will refer my colleagues to your site. I feel much more confident now that i have gone through and studied everything.

  3. jujube says

    ok- I understand that the politically correct answer is to improve pt. outcomes. However; I imagine it also is cheaper to prevent emergencies than to treat them. Rapid Response is also a good way to get away with giving nurses sicker than snot patients and providing a false sense of security with the Rapid Response protocol. It has reduced the cost of having patients take up an ICU bed when they can be placed in IMC or Tele and hope things turn out ok. But no worries you have Rapid Resonse if things go south on you.

    • 10HAPPYGIRL says

      that seems to be true, especially very complex patients with a too-big nurse:patient ratio; on the otherhand, I have seen many “codes” be prevented by having access to advanced assessment, “fast track” to the doctor and timely intervention. In addition, care of my other seriously ill patients is not on the back burner because I’ve turned my critical patient over to the Advanced Assessment Team. If this “arrangement” somehow frees up an ICU bed for a more critical patient, then I’d say that is an advantage for everyone.

    • Jruberg says

      Hey – I am right there with you! When a pt needs ICU monitoring – they need it- I don’t care if they have to go to PACU or wherever – these pt’s deserve 1 on 1 nursing care:) Rapid response can only help you so much.

    • misknits says

      Excellent site… It is the best one I’ve found on the internet! Thanks Jeff for putting this together!

  4. Mohammed Sammour says

    I have used this program for few hours so far,seems very helpful, unfortunately my mack pro crashed and i am looking to find another computer to continue using the program,I recommend it .

  5. Joyce Grosshenrich says

    Thank you for an awesome site! This helped me pass and have confidence. It will stay in my “favorites” and I will inform others of how much this really helps.
    Joyce Grosshenrich, RN BSN

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