ACLS Megacode Series (Non-member Preview)

Megacode Series (Non-Member Preview)

In this non-member preview of the megacode series, you will be taken through part of a megacode scenario and challenged with questions about interventions as the scenario progresses. This video will help build your rhythm identification skills and will also improve your reaction time with interventions in the ACLS protocol. Turn up the volume and increase the screen size for a more enjoyable experience.

Please allow several seconds for the video to load. (small file size 2.8 mb)

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  1. manta51 says

    Hi Jeff! I wrote ACLS test today, got 94 % and the three questions I missed ,it was my mistake because I did not read them in details. I finished long before other because I was floating.
    . Thanks a million times. I used your site only. did not read the manual. the test was like I read test preparation on your site.
    I am now preparing for megacode for tomorrow.
    I wish I could get the same site for ATLS which I am going to attend in November.
    thanks again

  2. iodine1859 says

    Dear Jeff;
    It’s really great that you have set up this site but most of the site is just read the material while it flashes across the screen. I can read and I know how to read a book, amazing what a private education can get you, but I am not a speed reader I read everything for comprehension, so I’m a little slower than the next guy. I study in a methodical way and hearing is more effective to me than reading . Even being read to would be better. but you are charging people to help then study that means you need to teach/ Having someone flash pictures of what is already printed is not teaching. Even if you read what is flashing on the screen verbatim, it would be better than my catching only a third of the presentation. Thank you

    • says

      Thank you for the feedback. After the new guidelines are released around April or May of 2016, I will be adding audio files to the website to enhance the learning experience.
      I do appreciate your input and I have had a number of other people suggest the addition of audio voice. I am acting on this request, but will need some time for development after the new guidelines are released. I really do appreciate your input and it is my intention to continue to make the site as user friendly for all types of learning styles.

      Kind regards,

  3. says

    Just completed my 2-day ACLS-I used this site-for my scenarios-and I did great=very pleased with the test questions-I felt very prepared under a very stressful testing

    • says

      According to the AHA ACLS Guidelines, if a patient has a pulse, and unstable with any type of tachycardia, synchronized cardioversion is the first method of choice. If the defibrillator will not sync with the patient’s rhythm, then defibrillation should be attempted.

      Kind regards,

    • says

      When advancing through the pulseless arrest algorithm, if pulselessness has been established and VT persists, it is not necessary to recheck a pulse. The VT is indicates the need for defibrillation. A pulse check would be a waste of time since there has been no rhythm change from a rhythm that was already assessed as being pulseless. This same thing would be true for ventricular fibrillation.

      Kind regards,

  4. Brad says

    This rhythm is v tach. ALWAYS check a pulse before shocking v tach. A lot of people fail their mega codes by not checking for a pulse when seeing v tach on the monitor. You don’t need to check a pulse with v fib but v tach can have a pulse, remember. Now go save some lives.

  5. aroepke2662 says

    I am so glad to find your web site. I am taking ACLS test for first time in 2 wks, new info to me since I worked mostly OB. I love the dramatic music, helps make the event like a movie and helps me to remember since I enjoy those kinds of films. Thanks for the site.

  6. Paula Phillips says

    This site is so well written and informative. so happy i found this. love the megacode simulation!!! I understand so much more and only been on the site for above 2 hrs!!!!

  7. sacripanti says

    this is the best acls teaching i have seen my hospital need this as a teaching method very memorable for much easier recall LOVE IT

  8. Smprasad says

    PLEASE make a PALS and NALS website…grateful child health providers all over the world…esp in ER’s where there are no pediatric trained personnel…

  9. MIMO says

    -C’est Tres interessant , a travers ce site site fantastique j’ai pu devine’ Que Le Cardio est si Facile a Retenir et a le Metriser ….meric

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