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  1. aroepke2662 says

    I am so glad to find your web site. I am taking ACLS test for first time in 2 wks, new info to me since I worked mostly OB. I love the dramatic music, helps make the event like a movie and helps me to remember since I enjoy those kinds of films. Thanks for the site.

  2. Paula Phillips says

    This site is so well written and informative. so happy i found this. love the megacode simulation!!! I understand so much more and only been on the site for above 2 hrs!!!!

  3. sacripanti says

    this is the best acls teaching i have seen my hospital need this as a teaching method very memorable for much easier recall LOVE IT

  4. Smprasad says

    PLEASE make a PALS and NALS website…grateful child health providers all over the world…esp in ER’s where there are no pediatric trained personnel…

  5. MIMO says

    -C’est Tres interessant , a travers ce site site fantastique j’ai pu devine’ Que Le Cardio est si Facile a Retenir et a le Metriser ….meric

  6. Kelly Duplisea says

    wow that music is intimidating! Great site, very direct and straight forward. If its one thing I have learned from taking ACLS twice already, is that a few certain actions are driven home. most of the time this sceanrio will take place in the hospital setting and help ( code team) will arrive quickly. You need not be overwhelmed about the tail end of the algorhythms but need to know where to start. I’m a Radiographer who spent some time in the cath lab so my actions are immediate: CPR and defibrilation. Yes I need to know what drugs are used but most likely I will not be pushing them. I don’t mean to say not to pay attention to all of the information but simply that this site and the new cardiac arresst algorithm are easy to understand and put me at ease about what I need to do should I be in the situation.

  7. Deirdre Bryant-Hundley says

    I looked at all the non-member information and was very impressed. I was a cardiac nurse for 17 years and have been taking ACLS for the past 23 years. Great site!

  8. hared says

    like the way it reveals how quickly a rytym can change and how you have to stay on the ball” fast and think fast to know what to do… like reality

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