Megacode Series

ACLS Megacode Series

This new series of videos will take you one step further in your ACLS training. If you have not completed the ACLS Megacode Simulator section of this site, you may want to review content there before advancing into the Megacode Video Series.

In these megacode videos, you will be taken through a scenario and challenged with questions about interventions as the scenario progresses. These videos will build your rhythm identification skills and will also improve your reaction time with interventions.

Megacode Series Non-Member PreviewMegacode Series Video 1Megacode Series Video 2

ACLS Megacode Series Video 3

ACLS Megacode Series Video 4

ACLS Megacode Series Video 5

ACLS Megacode Series Video 6

ACLS Megacode Series Video 7

ACLS Megacode Series Video 8


  1. Regina Letkowski says

    Passed my ACLS today with flying colors!!! Thanks for a great site for refreshing for the second time around…. Will definitely recommend to others.

  2. gracy says

    Jeff, why shock the pt. with 200J in video 8 and not 120 at the onset of v-fib. In the other videos they started with 120 J @ onset of v-fib?
    thanks, Opal

    • says

      There are a number of factors (i.e. Increased electrical impedance) that can affect the decision about shock dose. The recommended dose delivery for the first shock is 120-200 J. Many times a provider will start with the higher setting at an attempt to ensure first time conversion. In this scenario, I just decided to set the first shock for this administration at 200 J.

      Kind regards,

    • says

      At this time, I do not have any PALS content. I have looked around the web for something that I can recommend, but I have not found anything worth recommending. Your best resource at this time will be the AHA PALS Provider Manual.

      Kind regards,

  3. rasquito says

    Hi Jeff,

    just letting you know that you helped me so much. I passed ACLS ( megacode and test) because of your excellent acls review program.
    Do you have the same review for CPR scenarios and tests preparation? If so, where do I register?
    Thanks a million!

  4. Christy Jones says

    Hi Jeff,

    I want to thank you for compiling this wonderful web site. Reviewing the megacodes and practicing the online tests helped me and gave me more confidence than I have ever had since starting ACLS in the 1990’s. I took ACLS today and passed. Keep up the good work.

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