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Megacode Series


ACLS Megacode Series

This new series of videos will take you one step further in your ACLS training. If you have not completed the ACLS Megacode Simulator section of this site, you may want to review content there before advancing into the Megacode Video Series.

In these megacode videos, you will be taken through a scenario and challenged with questions about interventions as the scenario progresses. These videos will build your rhythm identification skills and will also improve your reaction time with interventions.

Megacode Series Non-Member PreviewMegacode Series Video 1Megacode Series Video 2

ACLS Megacode Series Video 3

ACLS Megacode Series Video 4

ACLS Megacode Series Video 5

ACLS Megacode Series Video 6

ACLS Megacode Series Video 7

ACLS Megacode Series Video 8

  71 Responses to “Megacode Series

  1. I am so grateful for you and this site. I passed today and I’m sure that the Mega Codes, practice tests were the reason. I’ve been telling all my peers about acls-algorthims. (Wish I’d known about this 2 years ago) I went in confident and stood there while she graded my test. She said I could go over the questions I missed, then she paused. She looked at me and said, “Wait, you didn’t miss any questions!” What a great feeling….Best regards, Deb

  2. I have to recertify for ACLS in two days and I have been using this website(first-timer) for the last two weeks. I have used the check list and reviewed everything….Once I got to the Megacode video scenarios things are really clickin’ along nicely….this website really helped me refresh my whole thought process and solidify the 2010 guideline changes in my mind. I feel ready for the test and the Megacode.!!! Much better than reading off the pages in a book.!

  3. Hey Jeff,

    Do you have any portion of the website that specifically looks at different scenarios for “Statics?” I know the whole website helps with the dynamic/static scenarios for NREMT-P/ACLS, but I was wondering if you had any similar national registry cards to practice. I feel your ACLS website will help me greatly on my test this week!


  4. I test mañana…wish me luck!

  5. I have ACLS in a week and have been really procrastinating studying from all of my old material, past practice tests, work sheets, piles of papers I have saved over the years. I REALLY needed something new! Found this during a web search and was SO entertained! I LOVE my ACLS instructor who happens to be a co worker but this? OH MY GOSH! The Mega Code scenarios were so much fun! NEVER did I ever think I would find myself interacting with my computer like I did. I finally had to turn off the music I was so worked up over the codes…lol. I was planning to study on the train to see my daughter on Wednesday who is 8 hours away. She will be receiving her Sergeant rank in the Marine Corps and despite being an inconvenient event due to my ACLS class, I am looking forward to spending my time on the train with this program. Poor people around me…maybe I should wear headphones and a gag…Thanks you SO much for making this FUN!

    • I am so glad that you like the site, and I am so glad that it is helping you in your preparation for ACLS.

      Please tell your daughter congratulations on her promotion in rank. Also tell her I said thanks for her service in the Marine Corps. We owe these dedicated military servants something we cannot repay.

      Kind regards,

  6. Hello Jeff, I passed the ACLS Cert. this week. Using this site really helped me to understand the reasoning behind the algorithms. Thanks a million.

  7. I passed ACLS this week! This is the second time I have used this site for studying. I couldn’t pass without it:) The information is explain very well and appreciated the 2014 updates. The price is extremely reasonable. I will be back in two years. Thanks again.

  8. I took my ACLS exam yesterday and I was very pleased with the result— flying colours!Thank God for this website. You made learning ACLS simple and fun ! A million thanks. I already shared this website to my friends. See you in two years. God Bless!

  9. I have never been well versed in ACLS, barely passed 2 years ago. Had to renew my ACLS license yesterday so I subscribed to this site. For the first time ever I feel confident when a pt codes. I passed the ACLS class easily- especially the mega code testing . I rocked it thanks to this site! Well worth the cost! I’m determined to keep this invaluable knowledge fresh by studying this site regularly.
    With gratitude,

    • Thank you contacting the site. I am so glad that the site has helped you master knowledge needed for ACLS. Great Job and thanks again for letting me know about your experience.

      Kind regards,

  10. 2 years ago, my then 3yr old grandson LOVED defibrillating pts in VF. He quickly learned to recognize the rhythms that “aren’t good” and readily mentioned “that’s a bad one” when he saw the monitors at the hospital.
    I love this site, great job!
    Thanks Jeff

  11. Hi Jeff,
    Thank you for a great review. The megacodes helped with the skills portion of the ACLS. Thank you.

  12. Thank you Jeff for this great site. Used it last time and back again for resert. Love the music and videos! How about a site for PALS?

  13. These videos are very helpful, but it seems like every scenario goes to V-Fib and then is pretty much the same from there. It would be helpful to have more variety to cover more algorithms.

    • I do try and include VT or VF in most of the megacodes since this will be the primary focus of ACLS certification and these two rhythms are the two most common lethal rhythms seen in the real world. However, I do agree that more variety would be good and I definitely plan on adding scenarios with more variety in the future.

      Thank you for the feedback.

      Kind regards,

  14. The mega code videos are very helpful to get me thinking. They are the most helpful part of this website, for me. Thanks for a wonderful, concise and informative site. -Chris

  15. Always get confused sync shock vs. unsync shock…..when/what rhythm?

  16. hopefully I wil pass the check off tomorrow i already passed the on line test I think I feel more ready than I ever have been in the past. I have taken ACLS ever since 1980 every two years. I feel more prepared than ever thanks to the mega code check offs it has helped considerably. I am about to retire maybe at least another couple years. thanks again

  17. I passed the renewal with flying colors thanks to your site! Don’t tell, but I didn’t even buy the book. I went through all the questions and all the megacodes and it was a breeze. Thanks!!

  18. Thanks Jeff.

    I took my ACLS exam today and passed with flying colours, thanks for your great website. I will use it again when I recertify.

  19. Hi Jeff. In case v tach,Pt unresponsive, my question is : Do you check pulse before to shock or to beginn CPR. I’m sorry, it’s confused!

    • After you check the rhythm and there is no pulse, you should shock.  After the shock give 5 cycles of cpr,  then check rhythm. Only check a pulse if you see an organized rhythm. –Jeff

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