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  1. John B. says

    Hi. I like the scenario questions. One suggestion for improvement would be to have an option to show no answer choices (turn them on or off), show ALL possible options, show the four options. Also, I recommend having one video be available for free. I was considering purchasing for the videos, but since I can’t tell if I like it or not, I’m gonna pass. Maybe if I could have seen one, and I like it, I would have made the purchase.

    • ACLS says

      Thank you for the comment. I will definitely see what I can do regarding the recommendations you gave.

      Regarding more content available, I do always provide a 100% moneyback guarantee with no questions asked. 100% of the risk is on me.

      Kind regards,

  2. Mustafa says

    New guideline ACLS AHA 2020
    In cardiac arrest
    Inj. Amiodarone 300 mg ( stock dose 150mg / 3ml ) should be given through iv direct or need dilution ..???!

    • ACLS says

      During cardiac arrest amiodarone can be given in 10 mL of the diluent that is used to dilute it or undiluted if it is in the solution form from the vial.

      During cardiac arrest amiodarone is pushed the same way that Epinephrine is pushed (rapidly) and always followed by 20 mL of normal saline.

      Kind regards,

  3. CSMontag says

    Hi Jeff! Thank you for your exceptionally quick reply to my text when I was having issues accessing the content-AMAZING customer service!! THANK YOU! My first ACLS certification was in 1986 and not a fun experience at all! Back then, it was terribly intimidating-lose a patient during the mega code and you failed. Fast forward to now, to have this online review course is phenomenal! I have subscribed several times for recertification and have never had to open the book in order to pass with flying colors. I have had to take a 2 day course only once since my original certification and your review course is over the top much better. Especially in the days of COVID, facilities should be using your course. Thank you for putting together this outstanding site. I recommend it to all my critical care friends!!

    • LARRY KING says

      VENICE, FL

  4. toscaj says

    First, I love this site!!! Have used for several years to keep skills sharp, not just when renewing ACLS, tho that has been a big help as well. I haven’t been able to utilize the “drag & drop” feature on my Chrome Book. Any thoughts?? Thanks!!

    • ACLS says

      Thank you for pointing this out. This is the first time that anyone has stated they were having a problem with chrome book and the drag and drop feature. I’m going to have to do some digging to see if I can figure out what may be causing this issue.

      My apologies for the inconvenience. Fortunately, there aren’t very many questions that use this functionality.

      Kind regards,

    • ACLS says

      The 2015 guidelines will be in effect through 2020. There will be nothing new until the American Heart Association meets in late 2020. Kind regards, Jeff

  5. Gitau says

    Hi buddy need the megacodes scenarios videos. I have taken my written exam and passed but not on skills. Any cheaper option will assist.

  6. Chinyelu Sparks says

    This review class is awesome. I am finding it difficult to differentiate between a 2nd degree block and a 3rd degree block. Thank you.

    • Jessica Bailey says

      Do you know the Heart Block Poem?

      ❤️If the R is far from the P, then you’ve got a 1st degree!
      ❤️PR gets longer, longer, longer, drops, it’s a case of Wenckebach!
      ❤️If some R’s don’t get through, prepare to pace that Mobitz II!
      ❤️If the R’s & P’s don’t agree, prepare to pace that 3rd degree!

  7. Ma Remedios Brenda Jose says

    As far as I know, the first line treatment for symptomatic second degree AV block is atropine and not epinephrine. And if atropine is ineffective, consider epinephrine or dopamine.

    • Jeff with admin. says

      Atropine is the first line treatment for bradycardia, but it should not be relied upon for high degree blocks like 2nd-degree block Type II and 3rd-degree block. Atropine is not contraindicated but will most likely be ineffective.

      AHA ACLS Provider Manual Pg. 125 states: “avoid relying on atropine in Type II second-degree block or third degree AV block or in patients with third-degree block with a new wide QRS complex where the location of the block is likely to be infranodal tissue.”

      Kind regards,

  8. Natashia Vanholten says

    This is my first time having to take acls. As a floor nurse we usually dont need it since we have the RRT and Code teams. I was so anxious about taking this class but thanks to this coarse I got 96% on the written and passed the megacode simulation with ease. Thank you so much!

  9. cryder001 says

    Your site is amazing. Scored 100% on the written and the megacode video series is soooo helpful. Thanks.

  10. Joan says

    I seem to be having problems logging in . Course will not log me in as a member at times. Takes several tries to get in. Love the course what am I doing wrong have to take acls in April need your course.

    • Jeff with admin. says

      There can be a couple of things that can cause this problem. The problem is typically related to browser settings. I can help you resolve this problem. If you have further problems, please call the technical support line at 316-243-7096.

      Kind regards,

  11. abosuyonov says

    Thank you very much.
    Can you please clarify,
    First dose of amiodarone for stable monomorphic vtach is it 300 or 150?

    • Jeff with admin. says

      Amiodarone is effective in preventing recurrent monomorphic VT or treating refractory ventricular arrhythmias in patients with coronary artery disease and poor ventricular function.

      It is given 150 mg IV over 10 minutes; dosing should be repeated as needed to a maximum dose of 2.2 g IV per 24 hours. 300 mg bolus doses are not typically given because of the increased risk for hypotension.

      Kind Regards, Jeff

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