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ACLS Study Guide


ACLS Study Guide

If you are not sure how to effectively use this site, this ACLS study guide will help you navigate through the site and make the most of your time here. First, make sure that the download the checklist located in the download library here. This checklist will ensure that you cover all of the content on the site.

This website was created with the intent purpose of being a complete ACLS training resource in your preparation for ACLS certification. If you have no experience with ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support), your first step will be to review the knowledge base in the left hand navigation on this site.

Step 1: Review the Knowledge Base.

In the knowledge base you will find up-to-date information about all of the major ACLS algorithms. You will also find a comprehensive review of ECG rhythms seen when using ACLS protocol.

Step 2: Test your knowledge in the Quizzes and Scenarios Department.

The second step in the ACLS study guide will be to access the Quizzes and Scenarios department located in the left hand navigation. In this section start with all of the ACLS Quizzes and then work your way in to the megacode scenarios.

The quizzes and megacode scenarios are multiple choice tests that will challenge your knowledge and prepare you for ACLS certification testing.

Step 3: Use the video department to achieve mastery of your skills.

The third step you will take in this ACLS study guide will be to access the video department of this site located in the left hand navigation. In the video department, you will be even further challenged with the Megacode and Rapid Rhythm Identification scenarios. These videos take you through real time megacode scenarios and rhythm reviews that will help you master all of the ACLS algorithms.

Also found in the video department, are video reviews of the ACLS algorithms and other important content that you will need to know for ACLS certification.

Use this brief ACLS study guide to help direct your use of this site so that you can learn and mast ACLS.

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  1. This is an excellent review that I utilized 10 days before recertification of ACLS. It worked well to back up the study book and helped me form quick answers during the stations of testing. Some of the questions on the written test were the same I studied in this review.
    Thank you very much. I have signed up for 3 months to continue to review to re-enforce my knowledge and cement the learning.

  2. The learning process seems to be well planned. Jeff’s responses have been most helpful. Many thanks!

  3. Studying again for the first time in 20+ years and last worked in an ICU almost nine years ago….tried to study from the ACLS book but developed “block”. I saw your site while trying to review the rhythms online and have read amazing reviews from extremely satisfied health providers who have joined here as members….I write in one weeks time and am really stressing.

  4. Take my test in a couple days. Really nervous since I have not had much time to study. Any suggestions for last minute cramming?

    • The study guide page that you posted this question on will help guide you through the site and make the most of your time. Make sure and take the 2010-2015 guidelines practice test.

      I do recommend to all of my students that the go through at least everything on the site once. Use the checklist to guide you in your study so that you cover everything. You can find the check list here.

      Kind regards,

  5. I took my renewal last week after studying exclusively on this site with the ACLS book for reference. It was a treat to have an alternative learning experience with all of your interactive tools and tests. I have been doing this for over 10 years and still find it stressful because I don’t get real experience in my field of nursing, but it is required. I will recommend this site to co-workers as it was to me. A great value and I passed with no problems.

  6. I Need to ACLS Protocol swf

  7. I’ve taken this class before and NEVER felt as stress as this time! The first time I took it I was still a student nurse and took the class from a team of ER Docs from Portland, Or, less stress then, or too dumb to be stressed! Hope this site helps, time is short have to work nights and only have 2 days to study, lord help me!

  8. Thank you for this site. I did my recert today and it was not as stressfull. I felt that I went in there with a greater understanding. The practice tests and quizzes were so helpful. This is now my “go to” site. Thank you again Jeff for such a great learning tool.

  9. Jeff , so happy passed with the highest mark. Thanks to your site! Two yrs ago I had to retake test before I passed! Thank you so much! God bless! Jane

  10. jeff–i clicked on –“this page” ,for acs and stroke and there was nothing–stated underconstruction or no longer exist–where do i go from here regarding acs or stroke????????

    • You can find a review of the ACS and Stroke protocols in the practice tests toward the bottom of the page. These review questions thoroughly cover the ACS and Stroke materials that you will see in the certification exam. You can find these practice questions at the bottom of this page under their respective headings.

      I am working on a review of the ACS and Stroke Protocols for the Knowledge Base.

      Kind regards,

  11. jeff, i am working in the middle east and i heard about the european format of ACLS…i didnt have a choice because this is what my employer offers through SHA (Saudi Heart Association)..i just learned today actually about it..any idea how this differs from AHA, since i relied on your website for my preparation, and i would definitely continue my review under your site over any other books or sites..HELP, i barely have a week to prepare for certification..much thanks..

    • I cannot say specifically how the Saudi Heart Association standards differ from the AHA standards. I can say that I get quite a few visitors and subscribers from Saudi Arabia and I have never had any complaints about the differences. I would appreciate any feedback that you have after you do your certification. It would be nice to know if there are many significant differences.

      Kind regards,

  12. I am an oral and maxillofacial surgeon and with my dental background do not have the same medical training as most of you. I used to dread the ACLS recert although somehow I’ve always managed to pass. This course made it educational, fun, and much easier than in the past. For the first time in 30 years I’ll take the test feeling confident and fully prepared. Best of all, I know if someone goes down in my office, I am well trained and fully prepared to handle the situation. Thanks for all your efforts to put this site together. Dave

    • Thanks very much for the encouraging feedback. I am truly grateful to be able to help folks learn master their ACLS skills. I thank God for helping me to develop materials that are fun and easy to understand.
      Thanks again for your encouragement.
      Kind regards, Jeff

  13. This is a great effort really it helps to summarise and giude to the point in short time .
    But still the Acute coronary syndrom and the strock not covered . I think it will be so good if you present it here by your amazing way .
    Many Thanks

  14. ACLS passed. Thank you for your excellent work!

  15. Passed on first try. Not everyone in the class did. Thanks!!!

  16. Thank you. I found this web site to be a fantastic study tool. I finished the written test in about 10 minutes. It was a lilttle scary, so I reviewed each question again and found no need to make changes. I got 100%. The Megacode is not something I want to repeat soon, but I think your practice codes definately gave me the confidence and knowledge to get thru it. Thank you again. I got more for my money than I bargined for!

  17. Found your site a couple of days ago and then with three days left to prepare for my first time taking the ACLS decided the 2 week cram would be worth the investment. Will let you know how it goes. Test is on August 7, 2012. If all goes well can promise you that I will be one great referral source as well as a return user.

  18. I found this site in a panic yesterday with one day to study for my renewal and not having purchased the new book with the updated guidelines! I had no idea where to even start, and the resources here were SO HELPFUL. I didn’t quite make it through all the simulation tests at the last minute, but I still passed with “the high score of the day” (96%) today! Thank you so much!

  19. Anxious to get started. Returning to nursing after 3 yrs and need to be sharp. I’ll keep you posted!

  20. Anyone considering this, DO IT! This has been the most useful tool to help me pass my ACLS!
    It helped me way better than just reading a book. I’m a respiratory therapist and not real familiar with pushing meds and working the defibrillator so I felt lost, but this made it so much easier to understand! Thank you so much!

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