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  1. Vivian Crean says

    To acls,
    I just found your site and look forward to using it for review. my question is, if I sign up on my home computer which is where I will be using you the most, how hard is it to my cell phone?

  2. Muhamad Luthfi says

    Hi Jeff, thank you so much for the website. I registered to aha acls course less than two weeks before the date, and knew almost nothing about acls algorithm. Found your website from search engine and subscribed immediately and only learn for the course from this website. Guess what? Scored perfect (100%) in the written test and only missed one point in the megacode. This is a really recommended website for acls student. No doubt at all. You did a very good job Jeff

    • ACLS says

      Hi Muhamad,
      That’s great! Great job with you success. I’m so glad that the site was helpful for you. Thanks for recommendation.
      Kind regards, Jeff

  3. Diane Monico says

    Thank you for a wonderful website. I reviewed your material on ACLS for my recertification a few weeks ago. I learned more from you than from the AHA heart code course. I did fairly well on the pre test and received a 96 on the written exam. I had to test my skills at a local hospital with their ACLS instructor and passed with flying colors. I will definitely use your website again in 2 years when I have to do ACLS again. I highly recommended your website to my coworkers. Thanks again.

    Diane M

  4. vin.reddy says

    Scored a 98 on my exam and flew through the megacode without a hitch. Excellent website. Thanks again and I’ll see you in 2 years!

  5. Jordan says

    Hi Jeff

    I’m not sure if I posted for 2018. But, I just wanted to thank you ONCE AGAIN for this great website. I was able to hone in on my areas of weakness, strengthen them and I passed my ACLS with flying colors. I do not believe I would have done as well without your site! This is a great site and I recommended it everyone. Thank you!


  6. Cecilia says

    Scored 94% on ACLS. Love this site. Use in combination with AHA book. Jeff personally answers questions. It’s like having a private tutor. Fantastic. Thank you so much. Invaluable resource

  7. Patty says

    I really appreciate the organization of material – it is SO much more streamlined than the manual. Cuts my time in HALF for review!! Love it.

  8. Anwar says

    I had anxiety before taking the ACLS course but after having the membership in your website,it was very informative and had the ACLS course with full of confidence and ease. I would recommend your website to anyone who will take the course.

  9. Sheila Whisman says

    I’ve used this website to review for ACLS several times. I always feel more confident. I recommend it to all my peers, particularly those are taking ACLS for the first time. I’m so glad that you now offer a review for PALS

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