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  1. Ruby2 says

    Hi Jeff
    I am very grateful for the time and energy you have invested in this website …but also for the effect…empowering nurses to feel part of the process and hopefully recovery of our patients.
    This website is very easy to navigate and makes me feel like I can manage/ understand/ cooperate with a code blue but even better anticipate a code blue …which is really the best place to be …preemptive .
    I have been a nurse for 40 yrs once algorithms were developed and made widely available and able to be practised my nursing life was transformed. The trepidation was made manageable .I want to be a part of the process to rescue and recovery.
    You have a super website and is recommended and used by all my nurse friends.
    You just might be a genius ! Oops you are a genie ass ! Yes he was blue in Aladdin …..code blue ……hmmm
    Great job ..thank you

  2. Patricia Kamarata says

    Thank you for all the effort you put in to your website.. Very straight forward and informative. Thank you for getting back to me on a question I texted you!!!!
    Now I need to take the test…any suggestions ? Is taking a test online recommended and enough for certification?

    • Jeff with admin. says

      To fully prepare for the AHA ACLS Provider course, I recommend that you complete the interactive course guide on the website.

      Make sure that you cover all of the material and you’ll be thoroughly prepared.

      I recommend finding a local provider that can administer the class, test, and skills station. You can find a local provider by using the AHA class locator. Have provided a link to the class locator.

      AHA Class Locator

      Kind regards,

  3. MyladyRose says

    Thank you for giving us the tools to study and practice updated ACLS prior to taking the test and mega-codes. I have been certified since 1987 and have witnessed a lot of changes over the years to better improve the outcome for the person in cardiac arrest or trauma. Thank you for the cost effectiveness of getting the updates and new guidelines without spending a fortune on books or even locating an updated ACLS book besides going to the AHA for a new book.

  4. Brenda says

    Hello ,
    Is this course recognized in CANADA?
    Please advise.
    I’ve done other online courses in the past & have been burned because they are not recognized here.

    • Jeff with admin. says

      I have many Canadians who subscribe and use the site in their preparation for ACLS certification. This site is strictly for training purposes and it does not offer an type of certification. The feedback that I have had from Canadian students has all been positive.

      Kind regards,

  5. Jorge Mejias says


    I am Jorge Mejias, I am a paramedic in Miami, FL and I have not worked in the field for a few years, I do keep my licenses up to date and it is time to renew them, I am taking my ACLS next week, the 9th to be exact. Wow, you make this so easy. I am going to tell all the guys at the hospital in the ER and Wards.

    Thank you for making it easy.

    Jorge Mejias

  6. shaynamillerr says

    I will be taking ACLS for the first time and I’m so glad I found your site! I only wish you had PALS too 🙂

  7. impulse1 says

    I am a PA , the only medical provider on an island off the coast of Maine with fixed wing, lifeflight in good weather and ferry, lobster boat in bad (plenty of that) This site is so helpful to stay sharp.

  8. sklee says

    I have been doing ACLS for nearly 20 years. I had always studied by going through the AHA handbook, long and tedious. 2 years ago I found this site and found it incredibly helpful. I bought the 2 week cram course and passed the test easily. I will recertify next week and will use this site again to become familiar with all the details needed to pass ACLS once again. Thanks making it the easiest way to study ACLS.

  9. Maggie Hutchins says

    This is not very much help to me, what I need cost too much money, can’t afford the prices and it seem like every where you check people are trying to make a $. I been trying to study and take this ACLS for many years now. I passed it back in the day when i was in the Military. The test was so easy than. Good-bye.

    • Jeff with admin. says

      Nearly everything in the knowledge base is free and open to the public. There are several practice tests that are free also. I do try and keep the price of membership as low as possible, answer all questions, and keep the site as up to date as I can. I am committed to making the site the best that it can be to help people prepare for ACLS certification.

      Kind regards,

      • genalin says

        I agree with everything that you said and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for developing such a very informative site. It’s easy to understand and the price is very reasonable (cheaper than my exam fees) in big contrast to the knowledge it imparts. I didn’t regret I subscribed. Thanks a million Jeff.

    • kdb0220 says

      Maggie Hutchins things are not going to be handed to you on a silver platter you have to work at them and this website is by far the cheapest and most reliable I have found … In addition Jeff replies promptly to everyone’s questions other sites do not ! you should give it a chance I did the cram for 9.95 for two weeks that’s cheaper than a Big Mac fries and a coke. You can by the provider manual at a minimum of 45 dollars but it is not fun reading good luck

    • marnoldu says

      I have found this website very helpful and informative. The price is reasonable for what the website offers in way of knowledge that includes practice tests and scenarios. I have recommended this website to co-workers and everyone has agreed it is fantastic. I am a repeat subscriber and will continue to use this website as long as I need to take ACLS. Thanks Jeff.

      • April Knight says

        Not sure what she is talking about? This is my 3rd recert and I wish I found this earlier! Great resources and easy to follow. I freak out over the recertification every time and this is a cheap, accurate, fun way to refresh! I love it so far. I appreciate you keepng the fees low and the hard work you put into this site. Thank you.

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