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    • ACLS says

      It is not necessary to give the full 3 mg maximum amount of atropine before moving on to a dopamine or epinephrine drip.

      Kind regards, Jeff

  1. MM says

    If a patient is unstable and has known third-degree heart block, is atropine still given first-line or is isoprenaline given as this is more effective in such situations?

    Thank you :))

    • ACLS says

      The American heart association gives no guidance with regard to the use of isoprenaline.

      The following quote is from the American Heart Association Circulation Journal. “Avoid relying on atropine in type II second-degree or third-degree AV block with a new wide-QRS complex. These patients require immediate pacing.”

      It also states, “atropine administration should not delay implementation of external pacing for patients with poor perfusion.”

      Kind regards,

  2. Mustafa says

    Hi Jiff
    When will say patient with bradycardia is symptomatic ( unstable) , if he has one symptom or more than two symptoms….??
    As I know unstable of bradycardia with symptoms ( hypotension, altered mental status, chest discomfort , sign of shock, acute heart failure) ..
    Thx u

    • ACLS says

      A patient can be symptomatic without being unstable. Any one of the symptoms that you listed would indicate that the patient is (unstable hypotension, altered mental status, chest discomfort, signs of shock, acute heart failure.)

      Kind regards,

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