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  1. gerdesmond says

    Have used them for PALS and ACLS a few years now….excellent way of consolidating the reading material.
    If find the core info and concepts actually sticks. Have to do my BLS as well now and their BLS section
    is also excellent.

    • ACLS says

      Thanks for leaving a comment in Feedback. I’m so glad that the site has been helpful for you in more than one way. Kind regards, Jeff

  2. Bridget says

    So grateful to find practice exams that I can trust and that will actually challenge me on the material in a thorough way. Your website is extremely helpful and a million thank yous are sent your way!!

    • ACLS says

      If you’re having technical issues, you can find the technical support call line number at the bottom of the website. Please feel free to call or text if you need assistance.
      Kind regards, Jeff

  3. Susan Ernst says

    This question is in reference to BLS test 2 question #60… In the BLS book, chapter 9, table 9 – the BLS book states, “if severe airway obstruction continues and the victim becomes unresponsive, start CPR.” The next point states that “if you are not alone, send someone to activate the emergency response system. If you are alone, provide 2 minutes of CPR….” My assumption in reading your question (because it doesn’t state that you are not alone) is that I am alone. I don’t comprehend why the answer is not C – begin CPR with compressions. Can you please explain why this is incorrect? Many thanks.

    • ACLS says

      When a choking victim has just become unresponsive this means that the lack of oxygen to the brain has caused them to become unconscious. It does not necessarily mean that the myocardium has been compromised. Emergency services should be activated as soon as possible and the CPR started after in order to ensure the prompt initiation of advanced interventions that can be provided by EMS. Early entrance into the advanced emergency services will ensure the best outcome for the choking victim. CPR should begin after emergency services is activated.
      Kind regards, Jeff

  4. Karen Medrano says

    Such a pleasant surprise to find this BLS review while I’m studying for my ACLS! Thanks so much for this! 😀 This website gets better each time I use it!

    • ACLS says

      There are no manuals for purchase on this website. AHA Provider Manuals can be purchased at multiple American heart Association distributors online. Kind regards, Jeff

  5. JACKIE says

    I got this wrong because from an earlier question, I learned that you should not take more than a second to give a breath. However, in this case, the first statement “Give each breath OVER one second” is also marked correct for this question. On pg 62, however, it says “…one second” and not “…OVER one second.” Please clarify. Thanks!!

    • Jeff with admin. says

      This question, “over one second” does not mean more than one second it means distributed evenly throughout the one second. Does that make sense? Kind regards, Jeff

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