BLS Scenario 1 - Adult Cardiac Arrest - Learn & Master ACLS/PALS



    Maybe I’m reaching but it seems “if I have shouted for help” is that not considered activation of emergency response team…should I not then start cpr ? At first the go for help if no one responds?

    • ACLS says

      Shouting for help is not sufficient to be considered activation of emergency response team. One exception would be if you see someone and shout to them specifically to activate the emergency response team get a crash cart.

      The instruction to activate the emergency response team needs to be given specifically to a person and not just a random shout that may not reach any hearing ears.

      Kind regards,

  2. DavetheMD says

    In question 2, you have already established unresponsiveness. Why doesn’t CPR for start immediately, while you power the AED?

    • ACLS says

      In question #2, you establish that the patient is unresponsive. Not sure if you were referring to question #3, but if you were since this was a witnessed arrest you would want to activate emergency services prior to beginning CPR.

      Kind regards, Jeff

  3. Brigitte Lecours says


    If l saw the man collapse
    The first step is not to get defibe because the most cause is VF ?????????????

    Thanks you


    • ACLS says

      For witnesses arrest the most likely cause of arrest is VF and the most important intervention is to defibrillate as soon as possible.

      Kind regards,

  4. Rosemary B. says

    Question 7 : Is the compressions:breath ratio 30:2 with 2 rescuers? prior to this you said a second person came on the scene.

    • ACLS says

      For infants and children the compression ratio with two rescuers is 15:2

      For adults, the compression ratio is 30:2 regardless of the number of rescuers.

      Kind regards,

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