BLS Choking Infant - Scenario 9 - Learn & Master ACLS/PALS


  1. ranjan basu says

    high pitched noise while inhaling or no noise at all is a sign of severe airway obstruction.
    wheezing between cough is a sign of mild airway obstruction

    • ACLS says

      The question was regarding “complete airway obstruction.” When the airway is completely obstructed, there will be no noise. Kind regards, Jeff

  2. Beth Kohler says

    On page 74 under actions after choking relief it says if you have successfully removed an airway obstruction in an unresponsive victim to treat as you would any unresponsive victim. Check responsiveness, check for breathing & pulse, confirm ems was activated and provide high quality cpr or rescue breathing as needed. Shouldn’t we check for responsiveness first before doing more cpr?

    • ACLS says

      The BLS algorithm calls for CPR to continue until the patient becomes responsive or until emergency response arrives.

      Kind regards,

  3. Msrikureja says


    Should you not activate EMS at the start of “Back Slaps and Chest Thrusts”? You need the process of help to be initiated!

    • ACLS says

      In the AHA BLS algorithm, EMS is not activated until the infant becomes unresponsive. That is the how the official algorithm operates.

      That being said, I don’t think that it would be a problem to holler out for someone to activate EMS.

      I think the reason why EMS Is not activated first in the algorithm is that typically, foreign body airway obstruction is easily reversible when proper techniques are used.

      Kind regards,

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