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  1. Sara Belshan says

    Hi Jeff,
    The first time I took ACLS, I didn’t study and failed. Then I found your course and I have been studying from this website with great success. I took BLS and ACLS and received 100% on both quizzes. Your website is a lifesaver.

  2. Michelle Mortensen says

    I have taken ACLS /PALS several times and have always studied on my own using several different sources. This time I decided to use this course and found it to be vastly superior to my previous methods. The format made the material seem much more understandable. The quizzes addressed the subject matter well and were fun to take . I particularly liked the audio quizzes . They were great to listen to while I ran. My only suggestion would be more audio because it is so great to use on the go. I would definitely recommend this program to anybody whether you are new to ACLS/ PALS or renewing your certification.
    Michelle Mortensen R.N

  3. Gabriel Zavala says

    Currently in paramedic school and had this site reccommended to me from a friend, great website! Helps me out so much during our ACLS skills station. Thank you!

  4. Kevin Peterson says

    Jeff, since PEA, asystole , Vfib, and pulsless Vtach require epinephrine ,wouldn’t it be easier to just start an epi gtt instead of having to give epi pushes every 3-5 minutes? Even the post cardiac arrest care has epi gtt as an option to maintain blood pressure.


    • Jeff with admin. says

      An epinephrine infusion during CPR is not recommended by the American Heart Association. This is mostly due to a lack of high-quality data to evaluate.

      However, from a commonsense standpoint and a situation-based decision making process, the epinephrine infusion would not be out of the question and possibly even better than epinephrine boluses.

      For highly trained teams that have developed protocols and premade infusions for this, I think it could be more advantageous and also less likely to have negative side effects on the patient.

      I think one of the reasons why the infusion is avoided is because of the risk during emergencies of improperly mixing the medication and creating a worse scenario if dosage concentration is incorrect.

      Kind regards,

  5. Eddie Martinez says

    Thank you SO much for all the pertinent information and an outstanding ACLS preparation course. As a new RN BSN grad, I was initially intimidated by all the information but now feel confident in my ability to competently handle a code situation. With the help of this site, I was able to pass my ACLS certification course with ease and will certainly be back for PALS.

    Mahalos (thank you) from Hawaii,

    Eddie M.

  6. Lynbert says

    Passed ACLS renewal with 100% on both BLS and ACLS! I have been using ACLS-Algorithms to study over the past 4 years, and will continue. Thanks so much!

  7. Zak Cat says

    This site is so amazing! Second time I’ve used it for my ACLS renewal, and this second time around I remembered things from the first time so the information actually stuck! The quizzes and code simulators are perfect for my learning style. Text books are the worst, they are so boring. This site is engaging and gives rationales for the information it presents that are actually helpful. Passed with 100%!
    Thank you for all the hard work you put into this site. It is so appreciated:)

  8. Sroachrnc says

    HI everone!
    I passed my first ACLS renewal with the assist of this website again. I got a 96 on the written exam. Thanks for the help Jeff.

  9. Heather Vrban says

    This site for ACLS & PALS is AWESOME!!! I have terrible test anxiety and even though I’ve taken both of theses classes repeatedly over my 18 years as a nurse, I still get freaked out before and during the class/test. I happened to come across this site by googling and I was so excited to try and see how I would do. To be honest, the reviews of this website are what sold me along with being able to see a glimpse of what each course had for the system reviews and tests. Jeff you and AMAZING to say the least! I felt so much calmer going in to each of these classes this spring. I still struggled some with the ACLS test, but I still PASSED and I felt more confident. Today, I did PALS and I actually got a PERFECT score on my test! That right there ladies and gentleman is a MIRACLE!! I’m not kidding either. I felt more confident going into each of the classes. Jeff was very understanding when there was a miscommunication on the website and he extended my membership with charging me more and beyond the time frame I had originally bought. I SO appreciated his promptness and kindness. Thank you so much Jeff for creating this website and keep up the GREAT Work!! I pray this website is here for the rest of my nursing career! I will be passing this website on to my nursing and provider colleagues. God Bless!!

    • Jeff with admin. says

      There are several areas of the website where you can practice rhythm identification.

      To review all of the rhythms you will need to know for ACLS go here:

      To practice identifying rhythms go here.

      Rhythm interpretation is built into the multiple choice megacode tests here.

      Also, rhythm interpretation is built into the megacode series videos here.

      Kind regards,

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