ACLS Megacode Simulator


  1. Raza jokhio says

    Wonderful site, passed acls without
    any mistakes. Highly recommended.
    Return back after 2 years.
    Raza Jokhio.

    • Jeff with admin. says

      This could possibly happen with some types of tachycardia. A patient can have a ventricular tachycardia and still have a pulse. Unstable SVT is another example. In this situation, you would use the tachycardia algorithm. The tachycardia would be treated based on whether the patient is stable or unstable.
      If unstable cardioversion will be attempted. If for some reason the monitor/defibrillator cannot sync with the rhythm, then you would use an unsynchronized shock (defib).

      Kind regards,

    • Newman says

      Jeff is right on for the Tx of Pulsing V-Tach. If you have a pt that is symptomatic with a narrow complex tachycardia such as PSVT, you would have the pt bare down. If this doesn’t work give the pt 6mgs of Adenosine. If the rhythm doesn’t convert give an additional dose of 12mgs. If the rhythm still doesn’t convert give one more does @ 12mgs. If the rhythm still doesn’t convert you most likely have an atrial tachycardia. Call OLMC and hammer the diesel.

  2. Jorcla7 says

    Thanks for all your help….. I successful completed my ACLS and I am continuing to PALS soon.
    Thanks Jeff !


  3. DIANE Hernandez says

    Just want to say thank you for this fantastic site. The mega code videos helped me organize what to study. Please don’t go away! This was a life saver for me, pardon the pun, and I have recommended this site to many of my co-workers.

  4. thom says

    Thank you for assembling this site.I am a CHF nurse two years out and used the site recently to study for my first acls. I received 100 for the written and aced the megacode.I feel this site has much to do with my success.I had 2 weeks to study for the class and spent most of my time here exclusively, while supplementing from other texts. I gave fellow associates soon to take the class, this website. They too are using it as I have Thank you for an invaluable tool for the Acls.

  5. Vicki Buzzi says

    Thank you so much for this site. I have a cd with my packet but of course its not working. I love how easy it is to review and study on this site. Wish the EKG site was up and running. Everthing otherwise is great and easy to understand. My first experience of course with ACLS was horrific and very intimidating. And still is at times depending on who is instructing and testing us out. But sites like this do give me more confidence along with years of experience. Thanks guys!!!! Vicki OR/PAR , RN

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