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  1. Denise Dittus says

    Do students taking Heartcode for ACLS certification have to also do the required pre-course self assessment?

    • Jeff with admin. says

      Typically, most facilities providing the skills station and AHA ACLS training require the pre-course self assessment to be completed and the results printed out and brought to the skills station assessment or class.

      Kind regards,

  2. Antonino Mannone says

    Jeff, I have a generic question: I am a Gastroenterologist- Endoscopist, 70 years old, I perform my procedures in a Hospital, I am not a hospitalist, I just bring my outpatients to have their procedures in the hospital because there are not Indipendent Endoscopy Centers in the area. I have been trained and certified in Conscious Sedation and BLS. I have been doing endoscopies for the past 35 years and in different hospitals. Now the present hospital is asking for me to be Certified in ACLS. The hospital has a Rapid Response Team (RRT) in charge of all codes. The endoscopic suite does not have a defibrillator and/or a code cart available and relies on the RRT. Independently from the general learning what is the use to have me certified in ACLS?

    • Jeff with admin. says

      When you use the hospital’s resources as a contract to the hospital, you become a liability to them. They have certain rules and regulations that they put in place and Joint Commission requires that these rules must be followed. If the rules are not followed then the hospital becomes liable. I’m sure that one of the rules is that all OR physician, nurses, etc. must have taken the AHA provider course.

      If something happens in the OR suite, the hospital becomes liable for the rules that they have set in place and they must ensure that all staff has an active AHA ACLS Provider card.

      That would be the most likely reason for your having to take the AHA ACLS Provider Course.

      Kind regards,

  3. David Villafañe says

    I`ve already done the AHA ACLS course and still active, but I missed the certification license. How can I get it again?

  4. William Trejo says

    I’m actually looking to become an instructor in BLS/AED. I’m currently on deployment in the Sinai peninsula for the Army. How can you help me?

    SGT Trejo

  5. bob says

    I have finished ACLS course and passed . My instructor told me I need buy a ACLS book before he can give me a cert/ACLS card?Is that true I need purchase a book?

    • Jeff with admin. says

      Your instructor is incorrect. You do not have to purchase a provider manual to take the provider course, pass and receive the AHA ACLS Provider card. I would contact AHA and let them know about this.

  6. Kristy Wolf says

    If I have my bls do I need to do the hands on portion? What specific class am I looking for with the hands on if I do part 1 online?

    • Jeff with admin. says

      You will need to find a local provider to complete part 2 of the AHA ACLS provider course.

      Part 2 consists of a skill session. You can locate a local provider by using the AHA class located here.

      Kind regards,

  7. Antony Borzotra says

    Hello Jeff,

    Thank You very much, for providing this course. Your site, enabled Me to not just pass, but to do well, when it came time, to do the actua AHA acls course.

    I’ve recommended Your course to some of My co-workers, and the ones that utilized it have told Me that They’ve passed w/ no problem s as well.

  8. anna says

    Do I have to be nurse or can I just go and take this 8 hours?
    How much you can make per houre with ACLS licence in California?
    Thank you

    • Jeff with admin. says

      You do not have to be a nurse to take ACLS. You do not get a license from taking the ACLS course. You receive a provider card from the AHA that states you have taken the course. This class will not dictate what your pay per hour will be.

      Kind regards,

  9. dehrn1 says

    This was an EXCELLENT preparation for both the ACLS Practical & Written examinations. Using the Interactive Course Guide was the best way to be completely prepared. I will highly recommend ACLS-Algorithms to all my co-workers and many acquaintances in both Nursing & EMS. Well worth the nominal cost. I see now that it was a very smart investment.


    P.S. 100% on the final written test. Now it’s on to PALS.

  10. Nancy Brady says

    Kind regards to you! I passed my ACLS with flying colors! Thanks for this website and all this wonderful information!!!!

  11. Christopher Navarro says

    how long is this course? My wife is pre-hired but she needs her ACLS to finalize her hiring process.

    • Jeff with admin. says

      For this corse as a preparation for the AHA ACLS Provider course, from start to finish it should take approx 8 hours. This would be the minim amount of time to go through all of the content.

      Kind regards,

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