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  1. MELODY BROWN says

    You are certainly correct when you say this is the best ACLS training site that can be found. I did not need the manual just studied the info on this site.

  2. Kelvan_18 says

    Do you know where i could buy ACLS advance providers manual in PDF form? Is it the same with ACLS providers manual?

    thank you

    • Jeff with admin. says

      The precordial thump may be considered for patients with witnessed, monitored, unstable VT (including pulseless VT) if a defibrillator
      is not immediately ready for use, but it should not delay CPR and shock delivery.
      This is from this AHA documenton page 14 in the PDF.
      Kind regards,

  3. 2livewell says

    Hi Jeff

    I have always feared the ACLS class. I believe myself to be a strong Med-Surg Nurse. However, ACLS has always intimidated me. After returning to the hospital setting a couple of years ago, I was told that I was required to obtain my ACLS certification. Talk about cringing! The material itself was interesting but overwhelming. Until, I came across your website. You made what I perceived to be a difficult and intimating process, so easy. The examples, the practice questions and megacodes were great! I learned the process not memorized it. I passed my ACLS class today!!! You are an awesome educator. Thank you for this website. I will be back frequently and will recommend your site to anyone pursuing their ACLS cert. Thanks again!

  4. SHAMSA habib says

    This is my third time i believe i have become a member and every single time i feel great because i pass with flying colors.Thanks

  5. dr khalid javed says

    there SHOULD be three push push hard ,push fast and push straight in BLS of AHA.Presently there are only two push push hard push fast in BLS of AHA.Prof dr khalid javed anaesthesia and Icu

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