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Rapid Rhythm Identification


Rapid Rhythm Identification Library

ACLS providers must have the ability to rapidly identify and treat all of the most common rhythms that occur during emergency situations. The videos provided in the Rapid Rhythm Identification Library are practice tools to help you become comfortable with identifying all of the major rhythms that are treated using the ACLS protocol. Each video contains rhythms that you must identify and random questions about ECG rhythms and their treatment. These videos are designed to prepare you for ACLS certification and also for real world situations.

Before watching a rapid rhythm identification video, you may want to prepare by reviewing the pages on ECG rhythm interpretation.


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  1. Why don’t the videos play?

    • I have checked the server and the videos are being served and playing appropriately on this side of things.
      There are a couple of things on your side that can caused this issue. The most common problem is an adobe flash player that needs to be updated. If you go to the help page listed below, the first section is about correct video problems will tell you how to update the adobe flash player.
      Help page
      If you still cannot get the videos to work after updating the flash player please contact me through the technical support line listed on the contact page.

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  2. thank you!!!!

  3. Helpful but a little too fast with identifying. Would like a bit longer pause.
    So much information. I wish I found this sooner.
    thank you

  4. Yes, I agree, I think you should have more rhythm identification practice!

  5. I think that you should have additional rhythm review sequences!

  6. have my certification the next two days…… thanks much in part to you, i think i’m ready!!

  7. my favorite section so far…more videos please

  8. Very helpful website. Your ACLS Algorithm Video Reviews and Megacode Simulator Quizzes are simply EXCELLENT!!!!!!!

    THANK YOU!!!!

  9. Very nice site, you and your brother put quite a bit of work in this, and I do appreciate it.
    Thank you for the hard work.

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