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ACLS Rhythm Strips


ACLS Rhythm Strips

The evaluation of ACLS rhythm strips in the critical care setting and in the ACLS certification setting usually does not involve looking directly at ACLS rhythm strips on paper, but rather it involves looking at a defibrillator monitor and rapidly evaluating a rhythm based upon what is seen on the monitor.

This section of our site will provide you with what you need to understand all of the basic rhythms that you will encounter in the ACLS megacode and when responding to emergency situations. After review of this section, you will be able to rapidly identify these rhythms and treat them according to ACLS protocol.

Access the ACLS Rhythms content using the link below.

ACLS Rhythm Strips

After you are proficient at evaluating ACLS rhythm strips, you will be ready to use the Megacode Simulator to practice your skills and master the acls algorithms. Feel free to try it out at the above link.

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  1. Great site. Keep up the good work.

  2. I thing these cases will be beneficial for my acls recert

  3. This was a great review. I’ve been a cardiac nurse fir 29 years and I’ve taken acls quite a few times.This site was very helpful. it is very well organized and easy to use for us “typewriter” generation people. I just got an iPad and I’m learning how to use it. it really makes learning so easy. the videos didn’t work on my iPad.Probably is a problem with my iPad, not your site. I look forward to the ekg review. Thanks again you made this busy RN less stressed!

  4. great site. excellent job. great videos, please add more. Summarizes a lot of information from the manual. so helpful!

  5. this is a great website THANKYOU. I have sent the link to all of my staff that need to take acls.
    Do you have a date that the ECG Interp will be up?

  6. What a great site. Thank you for all of the hard work putting this together. I am taking my ACLS test tomorrow and feel more ready because of this website. Please do put the EKG page together – you are to be commended.

  7. Thank you so much for this site. I love it! This makes learning so much easier and not overwhelming. I am excited about learning and studying frequently. I need to!! My future patients will thank you!

  8. Thank you for your site. It is really a life saver! Well put together too.

    I’m a Traveler RN, getting into a class has always been a challenge. Getting a book was impossible this time due to holidays and not being a local employee, I’m between assignments. I’ll be driving 240 miles to my recert class.

    I’m also using ACLS Study Cards and ACLS Study Guide by Barbara Aehlert, RN, BSPA. Found at a local book storeThese contain lots of the background review and rhythm strips. Between the 2 resourses I actually feel I’ve learned more than with just the AHA book I couldn’t get.

    Thank you again,
    Kaylyn Bears RN

  9. Please hurry and finish the pages. I have found this is my best way to learn. My ACLS recert is 12-14 and 12-16. Will the pages be finished before then? My book is the 2006 one. What are the differences now and will this confuse my 54yr old brain? Regardless of your answers, God bless you for this site!

    • There have been minimal changes in ACLS with the new guidelines. The major change occurred with BLS in that in the out of hospital setting only chest compressions are recommended before airway and breathing. We will be reporting more on the the new guidelines on the Blog in the very near future. As far as the ECG interpretation section goes, this is secondary to making more quizzes and scenarios. The site is added to weekly. Thanks for visiting.

  10. It is a shame this page is not complete. I look forward to reviewing it when it become available. I have not worked in the field for about two years and am attempting to recert this week. I am sure this page would be a great benefit for individuals like me.

  11. I am really looking forward to this page–I think it will be the most helpful for me. The rest of the information has been very useful in review. Thanks for your efforsts.

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