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ACLS Algorithms, Training, and Review

Watch 2 Minute Video Introduction

Make sure you watch the 2 minute video introduction above. The video explains how to get the most out of your preparation for AHA ACLS certification.

Begin your training by reviewing ACLS algorithms in the knowledge base to the left. After you have reviewed the knowledge base material, you will be ready to apply the ACLS Algorithms by taking some of the ACLS practice tests and megacode/skills station scenarios, and if you think you need further review, use the ACLS Video Review tutorials.

On this site, you will have fun while you learn and master all of the ACLS algorithms?

After you have competed all of the multiple choice megacode scenarios in the megacode simulator, round off your preparation for the AHA ACLS megacode skills station by reviewing the ACLS megacode series videos which take you through real time megacode scenarios. You can also practice rhythm recognition by reviewing the rapid rhythm identification videos.

Straight forward, systematic, and comprehensive ACLS Training with hundreds of ACLS questions, scenarios and other training tools. To better understand how to systematically prepare using this site read through the ACLS Study Guide.

The ACLS algorithm training and information on this site will help you prepare for the ACLS Written Exam, Megacode and reality in the critical care and emergency setting. You will find detailed information about ACLS algorithms, ECG Interpretation, ACLS Pharmacology, and much more.

You can use the search function located below the knowledge base sidebar to find information that is not listed on the navigation or to find information on a specific topic.

This site is always up-to-date with the most recent AHA ACLS algorithm guidelines.

You can learn and master ACLS. All of the tools and resources that you need are on this site. Quizzes, scenarios, and a comprehensive knowledge base all designed to ensure that you learn and master ACLS. If you would like to see something added please let me know by using the contact form or you can leave a comment below.

You can learn and master ACLS.

See what others are saying in the comments below

This site is updated regularly with new scenarios and questions. Check back often and let others know about your learning experience here.

Review this ACLS study guide to get the most out of this site.

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  1. jeff thank you very much for having this site share to us. you really help me a lot. my test in 2 days and I am confident that I am going to pass the treat. i used this site also 2 years ago. I rather study from your site than the book. the book is a lot to read and very confusing. once again thank you thank you very very much.

  2. Thank you! I learned a lot and was very relaxed taking the test and going through the mega codes. I have shared this site with my friends. See you guys in two years. Keep up the great work.

  3. This is the best teaching tool I have ever used. Today was the last time I will ever have to take ACLS and this was the most relaxed time I have ever taken it because I learned so much using this site. I wish this had been around for the last 35 years :) Thank You Jeff and I have told my co-workers about your site.

  4. LOVE your site! I had my first renewal this October and just happened to find your site online while searching for help to study. I am definitly more of a hands on and visual learner and I am happy to say that after using your site for just a few hours for 2 days before my test I did great and felt very confident about the material. THANKS!

    Do you have a site just like this for PALS? Please make one if you don’t :)

  5. Thank you so much for this site. This site was extremely helpful. It boost my confidence. I passed my test and feel confident in my skills b/c of this site. I will renew membership and also recommend this site to others.

  6. This site is great! worth every penny!!

  7. ACLS completed and Passed! Thank you Jeff for this web site! I went through all the quizzes, scenarios and videos and used them as my study guide. I found this to be a much better way to learn then just reading through the AHA book.
    Thank you and I’ll be looking for your site again in two years!
    A Labor and Delivery Nurse

  8. I did Acls last Saturday September 27th 2014 and passed. This was my first time and this site really help me alot. I must say better than the book…..thank u

  9. I passed my written and megacode exam today! I am now confident. This site helped me a lot! Thank u so much.. i hope there is also for NRP,PALS and ATLS for nurses.

  10. I passed with flying colors, with this site I was the most prepared, in my class! I had no problems with the test or practicals. It was wonderful to have this site to study with, I would not have done so well without it!!!! Cathy

  11. oh yea! i passed my ACLS,happy dance!
    do you have anything for neonatal resuscitation program?NRP

  12. I have to say that although I am already ACLS certified and I am an administrator of an AHA authorized international training center in my hospital, I’ve never seen a site with great ACLS information as easy as this one, yet you do your answers with fun and confidence and finally you feel yourself like a real professional.
    Jeff; I appreciate your great work with this site. I made a great benefit from it for refreshing my information and keep it updated.
    Definitely I will recommend the site to my colleagues and those who intend to prepare for the ACLS testing.
    Thanks again and wish you all the good luck in the future. Please keep going.

  13. took the course, scored 94 % on the exam. thanks again for all your help. this course turns a dreaded chore into a fun exercise.

    so, when are you going to do this for PALS? I’m looking forward to it.

    colleen kochman

  14. I just have to thank you for this great website. Having so many different scenarios in the mega code simulations and mega code series really helps me feel confident that I am prepared for whatever my instructor comes up with. Every critical care RN should know about this site. Keep up the great work!

  15. my pretest is 92% but i want to assess more of my stock knowledge… my goal for the acls exam is 100% …lets see next week… Thank you so much for your site SirJeff:) …Your an angel:)

  16. definitely helped!.passed my written exam today with 94%..yeah me !!…thanks

  17. Hey Jeff,

    As far as recertifying for the ACLS what do you recommend taking? Would taking an on-line ACLS test be acceptable where you can take the test and upon passing receive your score and printable certificate right away with a hard copy of your ACLS card mailed shortly thereafter? Of course the on-line test won’t have the clinical skills portion. Guess this would be dependent upon where you work whether they would require you to take the clinical skills portion or not. I’m assuming clinical skills is referring to the megacode series. Or how about at a location sponsored by the American Heart Association where it’s most likely that the written and clinical skills portions of the test will be administered? Thanks Jeff!

    John – runtherace10

    • Your Question: “As far as recertifying for the ACLS what do you recommend taking?”

      Most hospitals and healthcare facilities only except American Heart Association ACLS certification. This requires both a hands on skill station and a written test. I would not pay money for any other certification. If you take an “100% online” ACLS certification you may learn something but the “certification” will be worthless in most situations.

      Your question:
      “Would taking an on-line ACLS test be acceptable where you can take the test and upon passing receive your score and printable certificate right away with a hard copy of your ACLS card mailed shortly thereafter? ”

      This type of “online” certification will not be accepted by most healthcare facilities. These type of courses are not AHA, and they use deceptive and unethical practices in that they say things that make them appear to be AHA approved.

      “How about at a location sponsored by the American Heart Association where it’s most likely that the written and clinical skills portions of the test will be administered?”

      Google search “American Heart Association Class locator” so that you can look up a class location.

      I hope I have answered your questions sufficiently.
      Kind regards,

  18. Your course helped me pass the easiest ACLS skills assessment test I have ever taken before. I just took the skills assessment about 20 minutes ago and i passed with flying colors. I thank you for course. It is very thorough and up to date.

  19. Your website is the best I have ever been on!! Thank you! Your videos are not only interesting they keep your attention, and even your algorithm are easy and clear. Much better than the AHA new circle. i am a surgical nurse and have struggled for years trying to renew ACLS with AHA handbook. Your site makes it all so easy to understand and has everything you need to be sucessful. Only a fellow nurse could have done such an excellent job . Again thank you

  20. Easiest testing I have EVER done for ACLS, thanks to this site! So, thank you and your staff for providing this resource. FYI, when I tested, it was stated by the individual teaching the class, Adenosine12 mg can be given twice after the first dose at 6 mg for the tachy rhythms, if indicated. I believe one of the practice test questions asks how many times after a 6mg dose, then 12mg dose, could Adenosine be given and the answer was 0.

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