ACLS Algorithms, Training, and Review

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Watch This Short Video Introduction

Make sure you watch the 2 minute video introduction above. The video explains how to get the most out of your preparation for AHA ACLS certification.

Begin your training by reviewing ACLS algorithms in the knowledge base to the left. After you have reviewed the knowledge base material, you will be ready to apply the ACLS Algorithms by taking some of the ACLS practice tests and megacode/skills station scenarios, and if you think you need further review, use the ACLS Video Review tutorials.

On this site, you will have fun while you learn and master all of the ACLS algorithms?

After you have competed all of the multiple choice megacode scenarios in the megacode simulator, round off your preparation for the AHA ACLS megacode skills station by reviewing the ACLS megacode series videos which take you through real time megacode scenarios. You can also practice rhythm recognition by reviewing the rapid rhythm identification videos.

Straight forward, systematic, and comprehensive ACLS Training with hundreds of ACLS questions, scenarios and other training tools. To better understand how to systematically prepare using this site read through the ACLS Study Guide.

The ACLS algorithm training and information on this site will help you prepare for the ACLS Written Exam, Megacode and reality in the critical care and emergency setting. You will find detailed information about ACLS algorithms, ECG Interpretation, ACLS Pharmacology, and much more.

You can use the search function located below the knowledge base sidebar to find information that is not listed on the navigation or to find information on a specific topic.

This site is always up-to-date with the most recent AHA ACLS algorithm guidelines.

You can learn and master ACLS. All of the tools and resources that you need are on this site. Quizzes, scenarios, and a comprehensive knowledge base all designed to ensure that you learn and master ACLS. If you would like to see something added please let me know by using the contact form or you can leave a comment below.

You can learn and master ACLS.

See what others are saying in the comments below

This site is updated regularly with new scenarios and questions. Check back often and let others know about your learning experience here.

Review this ACLS study guide to get the most out of this site.


  1. LisaL&Dnurse says

    Thank you so much for the information you have put together/provided. First time renewing ACLS and, of course, stressed about it. This has been VERY helpful!

  2. markallen1775 says

    I am a 41 yr old husband and father of two young boys making a career transition into Nursing and graduate in December. Used this website to prepare for getting my ACLS certification prior to graduation in the hopes of being more marketable. This website was all I ever needed and is a tremendous resource. I passed my skills check with flying colors! Additionally, Jeff is timely and professional with any responses to questions submitted to him. A refreshing experience! Thank you Jeff!!!

  3. jcoomer10 says

    Just passed ACLS with flying colors thanks to this site!! I’ll be sure to recommend this to everyone I know, and when it’s time to re-certify I’ll be back.
    Like a lot of others have said, I would also LOVE to see you put together a PALS site as well :)
    Thanks for such a great website!

  4. BethMoore says

    I had only 4 days to study for the ACLS class as my text was delivered late and I was in a panic because I was taking the course with my son and certainly didn’t want to fail…….So I signed up for the 2 week deal. After studying this material for about 14 hours both before and after work, I passed with a 94%. I hate to admit it, I didn’t even open the ACLS text book. The material in your course is broken down perfectly, especially for someone who hasn’t taken anything other than BLS in about 15 years.

    Thanks for developing this course and making the price so reasonable.

    Beth Moore, FNP-C

  5. igotthis says

    ACLS Recertification and annual competencies has always been so stressful for me. I can’t believe how much this website has helped me. For the first time in many years i actually felt ready and confident. Thank you so much for this great website!

    • says

      All of the content was developed using the AHA ACLS Guidelines. This website is not endorsed or supported by the American Heart Association and is an independent training company that develops training materials for healthcare providers.

      This are many healthcare providers that use this site as their only preparation material for the AHA ACLS Certification and the website is designed to be a standalone preparation for the website. Please let me know if you have any other questions. 316-243-7096

      Kind regards,

  6. Jana says

    This year was my 2nd time to take a recertification for ACLS using your wonderful program. Did even better than the last time. I enjoy the explanations and videos that make learning not only fun, but make things more memorable. For this reason, I am going to subscribe year round. Thanks Jeff for your labor of love in making this site informative and fun!

  7. phong huynh says

    Thank you so much for helping me reviewing ACLS. I just passed my test. Studying this way is much easier than reading the book. I really like your case scenarios and quizzes.

  8. vondese says

    Hello Jeff!
    Thank the Lord, I passed ACLS earlier this week. I just wanted to say this site was truly helpful. It definitely made the Algorithms more friendly. Keep up the great work. I would definitely recommed this site.

  9. Etsartorio says

    Hi Jeff! I got recertified today for ACLS & passed my test with a 96%!!!! The megacodes were easy; thanks to your website! This is my second time using your site & I will be back in 2017!!! The videos were very informative & made it easy to study& interact!!
    I will definitely spread the word to coworkers!!

  10. BETTY GREEN says


    • says

      Hi Betty,
      Thanks for the encouragement. I also just recertified last month.

      My experience was that the 50 question test had much that was beyond the 2010 BLS changes.

      I would definitely suggest a more in-depth study than just the BLS guideline changes.

      Kind regards,

  11. williammcfarland says

    Thanks for the great website . I am currently a paramedic student and passed my acls exam tonight with a 86 after only using this website for two days . It was very informational and really helped a whole lot .

  12. jpetnyc says

    Hi Jeff,
    I wanted to say Thank-You for this amazing website that you and your brother have created. After I bought the ACLS book, I knew that I needed additional resources. This website was extremely interactive, educational, fun and directly related to the AHA ACLS book. As a first-time ACLS tester, I was terrified to take the test and megacode. Thanks to this website, I passed the megacode and test with flying colors. The instructors commented on my “quick knowledge” with all the megacode scenarios. I am proud to see that I am ACLS certified. Next up is PALS. Do you recommend any websites for PALS?

    Jamie P. BSN, RN, ED

    • says

      Thanks for the encouragement and feedback about the website. I am so glad that you found the site so helpful.

      At this time, I do not have any PALS content at this time. I have looked around for
      something I can recommend, but I cannot find anything worth recommending.
      Your best resource at this time will be the AHA PALS provider manual.

      Kind regards,

  13. drpuneetwadhwani says

    I am an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon . Having enrolled for BLS and ACLS,I stumbled upon your website. Not only did it help in clearing a lot of doubts about ECG interpretations, the videos and megacodes were of great help. Would recommend anyone and everyone who is going for ACLS accreditation .
    Thanks..Keep up the good work

  14. Krisbab1 says

    This site helped me tremendously! I’m so glad to have found this. I did very well on my ACLS test. I will definitely recommend this to others.

  15. adrian343 says

    Two days prior to my written exam and purchased the rapid 1-2 week deal and scored a 94% today. Thanks. This website is really helpful and interactive. God bless.

  16. Nancynoodle says

    So I had found your site only 4 days prior to my exam testing date. I was not sure about signing up but the site looked really helpful with lots of info. I signed up for the Cram session. I just want to say that I learned more from your site then just reading the book. Thank you so much. I did my final testing today and I PASSED!!!! Thank you – I will recommend this site to fellow nurses.

    Nancynoodle WI

  17. arajah says

    Excellent site, made ACLS fun
    Passed first today with only 96% score
    Megacode was easy having gone through the logrithms.
    Did not have time to read the ACLS book which was boring.
    Thank you for your help.
    Will recommend to others.


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