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ACLS Algorithms, Training, and Review

2 Minute Video Introduction

Have you been searching for ACLS algorithms, tests, and tutorials? Do you need ACLS training? Are you wanting to learn and master ACLS?

If you are preparing for ACLS certification or recertification, one of the best ways to learn is by practice tests, scenarios, and quizzes. This site was started with the intention of giving you just that.

Comprehensive ACLS Training with hundreds of ACLS questions and scenarios.

The ACLS training and information on this site will help you prepare for the ACLS Written Exam, Megacode and reality in the critical care and emergency setting. You will find detailed information about ACLS algorithms, ECG Interpretation, ACLS Pharmacology, and much more.

Use the Quizzes/Scenarios and Knowledge Base navigation on the left hand side of this page to access specific information about the above topics. Enjoy the ACLS Video Reviews that each contain a review of a specific algorithm and an ACLS megacode scenario. Use the search function located below the knowledge base sidebar to find information that is not listed on the navigation.

No Ads, Always up-to-date, Always growing

You can learn and master ACLS. All of the tools and resources that you need are on this site. Quizzes, scenarios, and a comprehensive knowledge base all designed to ensure that you learn and master ACLS. If you would like to see something added please let us know by using the contact form or you can leave a comment below.

You can learn and master ACLS.

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This site is updated regularly with new scenarios and questions. Check back often and let others know about your learning experience here.

Review this ACLS study guide to get the most out of this site.

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  1. Passed my acls . It’s was super easy this time. Thank you!

  2. Thanks Jeff! Had to teach myself ACLS and your website helped tremendously! Got 100% on my test! I referred others to your website too!

  3. Great site. Used it for my Paramedic program and now I am using it for my state/national testing! Thanks so much!

  4. I’ve been a nurse for 30 years and still get test anxiety. This course was awesome! I was so much calmer. Made the whole experience easier. I have definitely recommended this to all my peers and will be back in 2 years. Thanks

  5. This is a great course. I passed with no problems and was more confident in class.! test anxiety was much better! Thanks great site!!!

  6. I did pass my ACLS without any problems. I only missed one question.Thank you so much for your help. Your web site was so helpful. It was easy to understand and covers every aspect of the ACLS. It maid ACLS enjoyable.Thank you so much.Keep up with good work.

  7. Hi Jeff and Team

    I PASSED 98% BLS 100% !!!!. Clap for me! Clap for me ! Thank you and God Bless. I am so confident in ACLS Now. I am now the go to person on my floor. I have refered this website to everyone I know. Thanks again See you in 2 years.

    • Thanks for the feedback about your ACLS certification results. Great Job! I am so glad that the site was helpful for you. I know that you will be a benefit to those that you work with and the patients that you take care of.

      Kind regards,

  8. Hi, Im trying to get my acls certificate and im having a hard time finding an online course. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Hi and thanks for the question.

      If you need American Heart Association ACLS certification, there is no legitimate 100% online certification.

      American Heart Association a CLS certification requires two parts. The first part is the written test. And the second part is the hands-on skill station. The first part can be taken online and requires between 8 to 10 hours of online training and taking the written test. You can do this here: AHA ACLS part 1

      The second part requires finding a local facility that can take you through the skill station.

      Kind regards,


  9. Jeff, you are awesome!! Thank you so much for calling me!

  10. Jeff, wanted you to know that I recommend this site to my RT students because it was so successful for me

  11. Jeff I just wanted you to know that I took my ACLS July 17,2014 and passed. I was so confident going into class and I knew I could conquer anything after going through this site I learned so much, I could never have done it without your great website!! This learning experience was incredible and I will recommend it to all my fellow RN’s. I will be back in two years for my recertification. Thanks again:)

  12. Jeff and Chris, you guys are the bomb!!!!!!! …… the cardiac bomb! Passed my ACLS with flying colors and did it confidently thanks to you. See you in two years. Thanks

  13. Hi-
    This is an odd question, but if you have to use an aed on a plane, how do you safely shock without sending electricity throughout the plane/seats. Open floor space is typically very limited. I’ve always wondered about this and i take a lot of long flights. Thank you! Ps i passed acls on the first try with a 92% thanks to this website :)

    • The Biphasic shock dose that is given from an AED or any other defibrillator for that matter is actually very unlikely to shock even someone that is touching the patient or in contact with something that is touching the patient.
      Here is a quote from an AHA Article:
      “Rescuers performing chest compressions during biphasic external defibrillation are exposed to low levels of leakage current. The present findings support the feasibility of uninterrupted chest compressions during shock delivery, which may enhance the efficacy of defibrillation and cardiocerebral resuscitation.”

      Kind regards,

  14. Hello Jeff and Chris,
    I just wanted to let you both know that I passed my ACLS, for the first time, since I’ve been an RN, 10 years! I have let many people know about this course and how I was reviewing with an online class called ACLS Algorithms and I told people about both of your careers too. I was very impressed with this class and thankful at the same time, for the knowledge you both have to share with others. I will probably start hanging out in the recovery room to learn a little something different and add a new skill to my resume. I will be back in 2 years, when things have changed and I hear 4 minutes of CPR may be the new update? Not sure, but anyhoo……appreciate all you do and will do in the future. I wish you had PALS class, something to think about? Have a nice evening to both of you gentleman.

  15. Jeff,
    Took my ACLS recert yesterday and passed no problem! With the help of your wonderful website I went into the class with confidence and did well in the megacode portion, especially in the area of Rhythm Interpretation. Thank you so much for providing this website. I definitely will return in 2 years!

    Karen RN

  16. After using your site, I never fail to impress my instructors. I don’t use rhythm recognition or ACLS ever in my current position, but I don’t want to lose that knowledge or ability to help should the situation arise. Your site has given me that added feeling of confidence I need in order to succeed. Thank you!

  17. Thank you so much Jeff and team, I passed my ACLS today this was not a recertification but my first ACLS I was awesome
    Thanks Anita RN

  18. I did the 2 week cram course and passed my class without problem. I only missed one on the written test and did well on the Mega-code. I have been nursing for 20 years but have never done ACLS. Your website made all the difference. Thanks so much. Jana

    • Wow Nurse for 20 years! That’s great Thanks for serving so many. Great job on your first ACLS! Thanks for the feedback and letting us know how things went.

      Kind regards,

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