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ACLS Practice Tests


ACLS Practice Tests

Our ACLS practice tests are designed to reinforce the information, algorithms, and protocols used in advanced cardiac life support. Are you getting ready for ACLS certification? Use these practice tests as your ACLS Study Guide. These ACLS practice tests include all aspects of ACLS including: algorithms, pharmacology, primary and secondary surveys, stroke, aed/defibrillator use, and more.

ACLS Practice Test Library

Access the ACLS practice tests by visiting the ACLS Practice Test Library above. You can take the tests as many times as you need to achieve mastery of the content. This is your ACLS study guide for success. Please feel free to leave a comment if you would like to see something added to the Practice Test Library.

  27 Responses to “ACLS Practice Tests”

  1. I am very proud to do the course and it equipped me with theory and practical as a Health Worker to performed to the best of my ability in real scenarios.

  2. I need to prepare for acls exam

  3. Help! Have not recertified since 1999. now contemplating a move and certification will open more doors to employment (I’m 64 so need all the help I can get because at my age, many think we should be put out to pasture!)

  4. This is the best practice series of information I have found to date. I have shared this with fellow workers who are testing for acls. Thank you for cutting out the confusion of flow charts, etc. This information cuts to the quick, and is as close as one can get on how the testing goes.

  5. This site has been a life saver for me!! I know the ACLS better than I have ever known it! The megacode videos and rapid rhythm identification are fantastic. The megacode simulator was fantastic.
    Thank you for making this site. I plan to check it out every so often to keep skills up to date. I will let others know about this site.
    Thanks again!!

  6. It says If we Study and Concentrate well I Will pass the ACLS. Thanks.

  7. Jeff,
    If you are in a megacode and pt is in VF, you’ve shocked x 2, given 1st dose of epinephrine and on next rhythm check monitor shows asystole; besides CPR, can you give epinephrine right away even if it has only been 2 minutes since last epi. I thought you could since you are starting a new algorithm. Wanted to verify.

  8. Thank you so much Jeff! You and this web site are just awesome! I’m gathering up some money up to sign up for the 3 Month Membership $16.95 (Best Deal). SDG!

  9. Just wanted to thank you guys for helping me prepare for ACLS! I learned more from your site than the actual class, and even though I sweat the course every 2 years, you made it easier to pass! Thanks again!

  10. I took ACLS for the first time yesterday and aced my exam thanks to this site. THANKS!

  11. very good ACLS

  12. nice

  13. i need to prepare for my exams

  14. Does anyone know a good website to take the ACLS test ?

    • The AHA site offers some options for taking the test, but you will still have to take the megacode through a local EMS, hospital, or testing facility.
      You can also take a class locally and get certified.

      If people are offering testing and “certification” online be very cautious as there are some scams out there.

      Kind Regards,

      Jeff with Admin.

  15. This is a great wedsite.

  16. Thank you for this great website! I’m taking the ACLS course for the first time in 2 days and I have been searching all over the web for supplemental information to help me prepare. You’ve done a great job with constructing this very helpful website.

  17. im a dentist and i would like to take a test.

  18. There weren’t any practice tests available.


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