ACLS Practice Tests

ACLS Practice Tests

These ACLS practice tests are designed to reinforce the information, algorithms, and protocols found in the AHA ACLS Provider Manual and used in advanced cardiac life support. Use these practice tests as your AHA ACLS Study Guide.

Covers the Entire AHA ACLS Provider Manual

Each practice test found in the ACLS practice test library covers a specific topic within the AHA ACLS provider manual, and they are broken down by sections. These ACLS practice tests include all aspects of ACLS including: algorithms, pharmacology, primary and secondary surveys, stroke, aed/defibrillator use, and more.

Access the ACLS Practice Test Library

Use the large link above to access the ACLS practice Library. You can take the tests as many times as you need to achieve mastery of the content. This is your ACLS study guide for success. Please feel free to leave a comment on any page if you have any questions as you progress.

Rationales Built into the ACLS Practice Tests

As you make your progress through the exams, you may have some questions about correct and incorrect answers. Each of the ACLS practice tests have rationale built into the exam. You can access the rationale by looking for the text titled “rationale.” You can access that rationale any time while you are taking one of the ACLS practice tests and you will receive an explanation for the correct answers.

Other Resources Available for ACLS Preparation

Also found on this website along with the ACLS practice tests, are ACLS megacode simulators, advanced megacode videos, ACLS algorithm video reviews and more. If this is your first time taking ACLS, you will first want to progress through the knowledge base for a thorough review of all of the AHA ACLS essentials. This core knowledge will advance your understanding of ACLS and prepare you to ace the AHA Certification. You can access the knowledge base found in the navigation to the left.

If you are not that familiar with AHA ACLS Certification and the preparation that is necessary this ACLS Study Guide will help guide you through this site and give you an idea of how to progress and make the most of your time.


  1. Tami L says

    Took my ACLS yesterday and easily passed. One nurse told me she did no study and she failed. Made me glad I put in the study time. Thanks for this great site.

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