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  1. ybaird says

    I really appreciate the layout of the information for ACLS. I used this site in 2017 and was successful in passing ACLS written as well as the megacodes. I am currently using this site to study for PALS. This will be my first time taking PALS, so thank you for all the information and the feedback you provide.

  2. Candace Stephens says

    I am so pleased with this site and the information and assistance that you put into it. Thank you so much for all the help.

  3. Manon Saulnier says

    I got 92% on my ACLS writing exam while the entire class averaged 78%!
    Now studying for PALS. Your site is worth every penny. Thank you!!!

  4. Amj says

    Thanks for this systematic method of learning. I have to do ACLS & PALS back to back & this site has clarified so much – makes everything so much less confusing. I like the video music too!

  5. Jackie K says

    Thank you for this site! I was recently subscribed to prepare for my initial ACLS certification and your website was a major contributing factor to my passing scores! I’m glad to see you have already started to compile and organize the PALS certification preparation course! Your work makes an incredible difference in easing the load of learning so much information! TWO THUMBS UP!!

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