Add to Iphone - Learn & Master ACLS/PALS


  1. MELVA CALVIN says

    I have uses this site the last couple of times I had to recertify, ACLS. It made it clear, concise and easy to follow. Thank You

  2. Sena Carlile says

    Passed my ACLS today!! Yay! I’ve been taking ACLS for years and have struggled every time. So glad I found this site !! Thank you Jeff!! I felt more prepared than I ever have . Actually learned and RETAINED the info! I can’t say thank you enough! I’ll see you again in 2 years????. Can’t wait for you to get the PALS up and going as well!

  3. Loreta Dorn says

    This is absolutely a “BRILLIANT IDEA”. Made learning ACLS much easier than reading the book.
    Thank you!! Will definitely share this info to my colleagues.

  4. im1coolrn says

    I second the motion as to NRP. Do you have any OB/NICU friends who are idle and feel like creating another wonderful web site?

  5. says

    This whole site is awesome! I’m getting ready to start back on my MSN in nursing ed and thought I might need to have ACLS again for my practicum. I was an instructer 20+ years ago but let it all go when I left ICU, and went to OB/GYN nursing. It made more sense to focus on NRP then. (Man, do I wish there was a site like this for NRP! ) Now, here I am, with a much older brain, trying to focus on all of the changes in algorithms and drugs! Argh! I’m scheduled for check-off 2/13, (yeah, Friday the 13th), and last Tuesday, succumbed to one of this year’s flu viruses – couldn’t even stay awake to study, much less focus my eyes, for 5 days. well, I emerged from the flu swamp 2 days ago, realized how close the check off was, and nearly went into heart block myself. Then, wonder of wonders, found this site! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I subscribed this morning and am going to do nothing but take the tests and watch the megacodes until I ace them all. This is one top flight educational site, and I can’t wait to tell everone at work about it! If you know of an NRP site of this quality please let me know! Thank you again!

  6. Julie says

    Thank you for making this easy and enjoyable! This is a great resource! I am gong to tell my coworkers all about it. Have a great day!

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