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  1. Casada Henriques says

    Hi Jeff,
    high regards for your website.
    – it is very informative
    – the presentations are easy to understand.
    I usually have a challenge in understanding EKG,
    Your website makes it so easy.
    _ I am recommending others to this website.
    I was successfully with my ACLS.
    Thank to you and your team .

  2. Peter Dyson says

    worked ONCOLOGY/ HEMATOLOGY for years and ever hospital I’ve worked in has had a “Rapid Response Team”. Everytime we had a (CODE BLUE) their they were within a minute. Usually, so many people showed up that the floor RN’s had to get out of the way. In the early 1980’s I was at Bellevue Hospital In NYC. In the first Few days of our orientation we took ACLS/PALS.
    I’ve passed the courses many times,
    But have never been involved in a real CODE!?!!
    I’ve retired, for 10 years and now back to Nursing again….
    I have the most difficulty learning the EKG’s. Do you recommend taking a special EKG course, like the monitor tech’s take. I’m having a lot of trouble identifying the Rhythm’s.

  3. Nisa Kreuzer says

    I’m looking forward to using your website to help me with ACLs and possibly Pals. My course and test is in 3 weeks but I am very rusty and look forward to the different learning approaches that you provide. Usually high anxiety gets in the way of my learning and I’m thinking that this will do the trick. I will follow everything to the ‘T’ per your previously stated advice.
    Thank you for providing this tool.

  4. David Khan says

    I have been told that the AHA allows us to bring study materials or manual to take the final written test. Is this true?

    • Jeff with admin. says

      The AHA ACLS provider manual is a good reference, but all of the material that is in the book is reviewed on the website. Many students that use the site do not purchase the manual and just study using the resources that are provided on the site.
      If you do not purchase the provider manual and this is the first time you have taken ACLS, make sure that you watch the video on the home page before using the site. Also use the interactive course guide to go through all of the content on the site.
      If you have taken ACLS then you can use the interactive course guide or the checklist in the download library to make sure and cover all of the content on the site. This is all explained in the video on the home page.

      Kind regards,

    • Jeff with admin. says

      Use the site for at least 2 weeks. Read everything on the site, take every test and watch every video. You may have to do this twice if you have never taken ACLS before. You will be ready after this. Please let me know if you have any more questions.

      Kind regards,

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