2015 ACLS Guidelines


  1. Ana says

    I just wanted to ask a question – I cannot find this anywhere online – what to do with a patient who has sustained post-MI VT (after repeated defibrillation (3 times), administration of epinephrine and amiodarone (in respective sequence and at adequate intervals))? Would adding Lidocaine help? Thanks

    • Jeff with admin. says

      It is likely that lidocaine will not help in this situation. A continuous infusion of amiodarone would be indicated and consultation with a cardiologist would be crucial. Also, you would want to check for any electrolyte imbalances and treat to correct any. This patient may need an internal defibrillator placed.

      Kind regards,

  2. cindynutt says

    had my ACLS re=cert yesterday 1 wrong felt no pressure. your megacode sites are great. will be back in 2 years especially since there will be updates & changes after this year. thank you again for this amazing site.

  3. lucile says

    Jeff I can’t thank you enough for this website. It was excellent; it explained everything you could possibly ask. Found myself not being able to put my tablet down I kept going over the info and it became clearer with each time. Again thanks!

  4. Chrissie says


    Great site! You list a lot of information based on studies, but do not site where the information was taken from. I would like to read further into many of the studies mentioned.

    Warm Regards,


    • Jeff with admin. says

      If I mention studies in the comments, I do try and cite web pages or journal documents. If you are referring to content within a web page, all content is derived from AHA materials. Which can be found in “AHA Circulation Journal
      This site can be searched for key words that you are specifically interested in.

  5. bev_bousson says

    Took ACLS several times but never felt this prepared. 94% on written test. I thought it was hard too! I will purchase this again in 2 years. I learned a lot from this site. Not just memorizing! Thank You!

  6. Sierra says

    This website is the best! I studied from it and crammed for my ACLS class, because I stumbled upon this site a few days before my class. The information and megacode series made me more confident and more knowledgeable about what to do in a specific situation. The instructor was even impressed with me!!!! Thank you Jeff for everything!

  7. ericko says

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!! I only had a week to study and this website is amazing. I would not have passed the course without your website. You make it so easy for us to learn and prepare for the test.

    Thank you,

  8. jo says

    Worth every cent! Thank You! Question..I work in a prison. Is there any ill effects for using the defibrillator, TCP ,Sync mode or AED if the person has metal handcuffs and metal ankle cuffs? Thank You

  9. Donna Martin says

    I took my ACLS test this past Saturday and passed with no significant problems. I signed up for the re-cert class, (5 hrs long), not the full class. (This is the 6th time I had to re-certify as a requirement of my current position. (Every two years for the last 12 years). I feel this site prepared me very well as I have test anxiety- so being able to take these tests and track my progress over a two week period of time, was very helpful. I especially liked going through all of the test options to reinforce my knowledge and understanding of the material. Answering multiple choice questions helped the actual test experience feel less intimidating or stressful when writing the exam with a room with other students. There was barely enough elbow room to write while sharing a table with 3 other people.

    Going through the 4 stations for the group mock code, is not bad at all. There were 8 in my group and we all help one another although the goal is to be a team leader at least once during the four stations. The test facilitators are usually EMT’s and they have always been nice and helpful. I was concerned that I was not prepared enough for the monitor recognition portion of the test, but in actuality, there were only a few rhythm strips and the questions all had to do with medical treatment, or drug dosages – what would you give first. I felt this site had better questions than the actual AHA test.

    Overall, I highly recommend this site and will certainly be back in two years to prepare just as I did this time around. This was the best experience I had in the last 12 years so if you are in doubt, take it from me, it was the best $10.00 I spent ALL MONTH!
    Donna Martin BSN, RN, ACM

  10. pdurden says

    I passed! Thanks for the great resource. In particular, I found the comments and questions from others extremely helpful…I appreciated your sharing those for public consumption 🙂 I’ll certainly spread the word about your site.

  11. rebekahwilsonrn says

    Just wanted to thank you for offering this review course. A co-worker and I used this to study for ACLS and we were re-certified this past week. I highly recommend your course!

  12. Vladimir1978 says

    Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for the site. I passed the course today. I have used your site for ~ 3 evenings to prepare + reading of the manual.
    In general, your site is helpful to prepare for the Megacodes but the test questions and the rhythm identification are oversimplified. I would suggest to change the questions to the challenging format (what I had today) and give more details on the rhythm (e.g., junctional tachycardia, tachycardia with PVC).


  13. caleapgina says

    Thanks Jeff, excellent site, very helpful. Got the ACLS certification. I will recommend this site to all my colleagues. Excellent job.

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