2015 ACLS Guidelines Test

2015 ACLS Guideline Changes. Are You Ready?

Beginning in January 2010, all over the United States, health care providers have been integrating their practice to the new 2010-2015 ACLS Guidelines. There were significant changes made to several aspects of the ACLS protocol including, an addition of a 5th link in the chain of survival, waveform capnography, simplified pulseless arrest algorithm, simplified tachycardia algorithm, medication changes, and much more.

To assist you in preparation for ACLS certification and testing based on these 2010-2015 ACLS Guideline changes, we have created a 25 question test covering all of the major changes that you may run into during testing and certification.

Members may use the link below to access the 2015 ACLS Guideline Changes Test.

2015 ACLS Guideline Changes Test

Non-Members may use the link below to access a sample of the 2015 ACLS Guideline Changes Test.

2015 ACLS Guideline Changes Sample Test


  1. jasmine says

    Hi Jeff,
    This is my third time to renew my ACLS certification, my second being a member of this site. I only studied using this site and felt confident during the mock code and test. I did really well thanks to your site! I look forward to my renewal in 2017.

  2. Elaine12 says

    To day is Sept the 16th I took my test Tuesday the 15th. I was so nervous,and guess what I am a nurse for another 2 years.I passed,I passed. Thank you! and you will hear from me in another two years. I tell everyone I know about this site.

  3. Tatiana says

    I remember years ago I have stumbled on your (at that time still being build) web site. You did an amazing job over the years by creating a truly work of art and a great tool to study for ACLS certification or re-cert. This is my 3rd or 4th time around to study for ACLS with you. You are mine “go to” study guide for ACLS, I hardly ever need a book or any other reference tools. You are my #1 recommended web site for every person who is facing certification or re-certification. So far, I have “A”ced all my passed re-certifications, all thanks to you and your team who put tremendous amount of time and effort into this web site.
    Thank you, once again your student

    • says

      Hi Tatiana,
      Thanks for the encouragement and the feedback. I’m so glad that the site has been helpful to you over the years. I will always do my best to keep the site as efficient and up-to-date as possible. Kind regards, Jeff

  4. Mary Ferguson says

    Thank you for this fantastic website! I just finished my ACLS class and did very well. I have taken ACLS several times over the years as a medical specialty nurse on a telemetry unit. I felt very prepared for the test and the mock code session. Not only that, I have much more confidence in my CPR skills, reading rhythm strips, and the medication dosing and algorithms have actually jelled in my brain! Your sight was recommended to me and you can bet that your resource web site is the one I will recommend to my friends and coworkers. To be honest, it’s much better than the official book and much more interactive and interesting. You guys rock!
    Mary Ferguson RN, BSN, CDE

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