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2014 ACLS Guidelines Test


2014 ACLS Guideline Changes. Are You Ready?

Beginning in January 2010, all over the United States, health care providers have been integrating their practice to the new 2010-2015 ACLS Guidelines. There were significant changes made to several aspects of the ACLS protocol including, an addition of a 5th link in the chain of survival, waveform capnography, simplified pulseless arrest algorithm, simplified tachycardia algorithm, medication changes, and much more.

To assist you in preparation for ACLS certification and testing based on these 2010-2015 ACLS Guideline changes, we have created a 25 question test covering all of the major changes that you may run into during testing and certification.

Members may use the link below to access the 2014 ACLS Guideline Changes Test.

2014 ACLS Guideline Changes Test

Non-Members may use the link below to access a sample of the 2014 ACLS Guideline Changes Test.

2014 ACLS Guideline Changes Sample Test

  137 Responses to “2014 ACLS Guidelines Test

  1. Just wanted to thank you for offering this review course. A co-worker and I used this to study for ACLS and we were re-certified this past week. I highly recommend your course!

  2. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for the site. I passed the course today. I have used your site for ~ 3 evenings to prepare + reading of the manual.
    In general, your site is helpful to prepare for the Megacodes but the test questions and the rhythm identification are oversimplified. I would suggest to change the questions to the challenging format (what I had today) and give more details on the rhythm (e.g., junctional tachycardia, tachycardia with PVC).


  3. Thanks Jeff, excellent site, very helpful. Got the ACLS certification. I will recommend this site to all my colleagues. Excellent job.

  4. Excellent interpretation of d heart blocks n videos r impressive n self explanatory….

  5. They are very practical videos and i watched them with pleasure!

  6. I crammed for my recert this week using your site and got 94 percent on the written and did well on the scenarios. I felt confident and comfortable. Thanks! I will recommend to my friends.

  7. studding your course to take ACLS for the first time in 44yrs I’ve been a nurse. I’m having to familiarize myself with rhythms. Having trouble differintiating1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree blocks. Your course is very helpful. I’m confident with your help, I’ll be prepared in three weeks.

  8. Hi Jeff, I just wanted to send you a quick note to say that I aced the ACLS course today (both written and practical portions). I wanted to thank you for the excellent site. I will let all my colleagues know. Blessings. Mike, ER RN from Canada.

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