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2014 ACLS Guidelines Test


2014 ACLS Guideline Changes. Are You Ready?

Beginning in January 2010, all over the United States, health care providers have been integrating their practice to the new 2010-2015 ACLS Guidelines. There were significant changes made to several aspects of the ACLS protocol including, an addition of a 5th link in the chain of survival, waveform capnography, simplified pulseless arrest algorithm, simplified tachycardia algorithm, medication changes, and much more.

To assist you in preparation for ACLS certification and testing based on these 2010-2015 ACLS Guideline changes, we have created a 25 question test covering all of the major changes that you may run into during testing and certification.

Members may use the link below to access the 2014 ACLS Guideline Changes Test.

2014 ACLS Guideline Changes Test

Non-Members may use the link below to access a sample of the 2014 ACLS Guideline Changes Test.

2014 ACLS Guideline Changes Sample Test

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  1. Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Did my ACLS recert today, felt comfortable and confident and passed with flying colors thanks to you. Continue this terrific site and helping out people like myself.
    TY. God Bless You Always.

  2. Hi Jeff.

    Is there a specific indication of admin IV fluids during cardiac arrest? And which is the specific dose of IV fluids in post cardiac arrest recommended by AHA?

    • The indication for admin of IV fluids during cardiac arrest could be suspected hypovolemia. This would most likely be caused by trauma, dehydration, or sepsis. There is no specific dose which AHA recommends to give, but you would look at the BP and treat according to that. AHA recommendation for minimum SBP is 90 mmHG. A 1 liter fluid bolus will not hurt anyone in cardiac arrest, but it may help significantly if hypovolemia is involved.

      Kind regards,

  3. Dear Jeff, Chris, and Jared,
    Thank you so much for the excellent site. I passed the ACLS! Indeed, it was very helpful! CDs would be great in the future, especially for listening in the car. I plan to use your website in 2 years!
    Best regards, Shashi

  4. Jeff,

    I took my ACLS class today, and I passed. I thank you for your interactive, fun site. I really did enjoy the program. Most importantly, I learned the content, it definitely reinforced the AHA ACLS manual except… your site is made it enjoyable.. Thanks again.


  5. Jeff- wanted to say thanks again for your great site– I easily passed my ACLS renewal last week. See you in 2 years. Lisa

  6. I am about to take my first ACLS course i want some fresh material on this topic

  7. Hey Jeff, just want to thank you for the review, helped me tremendously to ace ACLS. Tx so much!

  8. Need your help to update & practice my acls knowledge

    • This site is designed to provide you with information and practice that will help you be fully prepared for AHA ACLS certification. If you have any other questions, let me know.

      Kind regards,

  9. It’s a great site

  10. I have been taking ACLS for 16 years, and this is the first time I did not feel like I was in SVT myself!! I felt much more confident in the megacode due to your practice megacodes. Thanks for a fantastic site–see you in 2 years for re-cert!

  11. This was the first time taking ACLS and I was very nervous.,not to mention I have test anxiety. I purchased this program hoping it would help me. Im happy to say that I’m now ACLS certified! This was so much better than reading out of a book. I know when my re-cert is due I will be using this site. Thanks so much!

  12. I Just wanted to say thank you for providing such a great site! I signed up with only 2 days to go before my re-cert and no book to be found. I passed the mega code with no problems and got a 90% on the written exam!! I feel much more prepared now and will be back again when the next re-cert is due!

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