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Gain full confidence.

Complete knowledge base, practice tests, megacode scenarios, and training videos that make ACLS easy to understand.

Whether you have just one night or 6 months to prepare, we can help you learn and master ACLS.

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This site is dedicated to making ACLS simple and giving you the confidence you need to not only pass ACLS certification, but truly master ACLS in a very short time. Here's my (Jeff's) story:


The above words describe the way that I used to feel when taking the AHA ACLS provider course.

The stress would begin a week or two before the class and then continue all the way through the ACLS megacode skills station and written test.

I would always second-guess myself when I was asked questions in class, and to be honest, there were times when I felt so unprepared even though I had dedicated ample prep time reading the book.

Most of the time at work, instead of running to help with code blue emergencies, I felt the urge to "help take care of other patients" while others ran the code.

I lacked the confidence I needed to be a part of the team, and I was afraid to let anyone know that I was really unprepared to help save lives.

I would spend hours reading the ACLS Provider Manual and memorizing the ACLS Algorithms, but it seemed like it never stuck in my brain. I still felt nervous and unprepared for the provider course and for real emergencies.

When I started this website, it was a project to help me learn ACLS in a way that the book simply could not do.


Well, I can tell you that it has not only helped me learn and master ACLS, but it is helping thousands of healthcare providers every day all over the world to truly learn and master ACLS.

I can tell you that I no longer experience stress with ACLS or code blue emergencies and thousands of others have had the same experience.

I designed this site to be simple, interactive, and enjoyable so that you too can learn and master ACLS in a low stress environment with long term retention.

Eliminate your stress, become completely confident with ACLS and code blue calls, and never second guess yourself again. Click below to register for the course.

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